Musing about Caviar Day

Let’s muse together over ice-tea

and pizzelles, about caviar day

Speaking of ice-tea … have I told you how much I am enjoying my Keurig one-cup coffee maker? Love it. It makes the best coffee with the least amount of mess. The K-cups are always on sale and now you can buy a little basket if you want to use coffee that is not sold in K-cups. I enjoy coffee in the morno and iced tea in the afternoon. Starbucks just called and asked me where I had been, and then followed up with a free drink postcard. They miss me, but hey – sometimes you have to add a little variety to your life. Here is a link to Keurig coupons, if you are so inclined to click over

Speaking of variety, my mother told me she made tacos the other night for dinner. Now, keep in mind that my dad has been making the same tacos one night a week every week for the last 30 years or so. Tacos that include ground beef, onions, green chili, and lettuce, all packaged in a freshly fried tortilla shell.

The fact that my mom even made tacos is a little Odd. Next, she tells me she made Hawaiian tacos. Instead of green chili, guess what she added? Pineapple! Changing the taco recipe is practically heresy. When she told me she added pineapple to the tacos, I asked her a mother question that would prove that she is, in fact, my mother. With some indignation, she informed me, “Change is good.” I then insisted she answer two more mother questions.

The next morning, she told me she served the tacos to my dad and was floored when he asked if they were eating “Irish Tacos.” My mother said, “Noooo,” and then wondered why in the world my dad would think her Hawaiian tacos were Irish tacos. Well, it seems my dad had mistaken the pineapple for potato.

That evening, my mother got even with my dad when she asked him how many shrimp he wanted in his shrimp salad. He wanted ten. My mom thought ten shrimp was excessive, so she gave my dad five shrimp and five chunks of potato.

Everyone was happy.

Monday, we celebrated caviar day. Since I don’t like caviar, but Cole does, my plan was to feed the caviar to him and to make myself a tuna salad. However, when we went to the fish market to buy the caviar, I ended up buying King Crab legs for dinner, with caviar for an appetizer. The tin of caviar was $13.00, the crackers were $4.00, and I’m not telling you the price of the crab legs. I’m just not telling you.

Around 6pm, Cole sauntered into the living room and wondered if he could have his caviar and cracker snack. I’m creating a monster, aren’t I?

I fixed Cole’s snack, (which came to about $1.00 a cracker) poured a splash of vodka over a jigger of ice, shook it up, and then poured the vodka out so he could experience a taste of vodka ice with the caviar

Cole ate every bite and talked me into a taste, which left me clawing at my tongue and pouring a jigger of vodka to rid the caviar taste from my mouth. Caviar has not improved since the last time I tried it and it killed my image of myself as worldly and sophisticated

The King Crab legs that followed the caviar were Oh-My-God good.

Cole is planning to make crab bisque for tonight’s dinner.

I am planning to make a frozen strawberry daiquiri(today is Daiquiri Day), add a pink paper parasol, pull my lawn chair to the side of my kiddie pool, and dangle my toes in the water while pretending I’m in Bali. Crab bisque for dinner could work.

Musing is more fun if you join in…Odd Loves Company!



Emily is vacationing in Michigan but took a minute to plug in and send us her contribution to Caviar Day. Emily shares my opinion of caviar.


9 thoughts on “Musing about Caviar Day

  1. Oh how funny! The stories you tell about your mother are so amusing. I don’t like caviar either but yours looks almost good enough to eat!

    I will join you for a strawberry daiquiri!

  2. I am loving your food adventure Katybeth! I can’t wait until you post a calendar and I can join in–not everyday but once in awhile.
    Jim, my husband, is a lot like your dad, I think. I love him but often wonder if he lives on the same planet as the rest of us.

    Keep the updates coming-even if I don’t always comment–I always read!

    • Thanks Lee. I will get the calendar up soon! Would love to have you join in.
      Men don’t live on the same planet we do–I am certain of it but we love them anyway.

      Drop by anytime you are in the neighborhood!

  3. I’m not a fan of caviar either, that’s why even though I’m into fairy tale, I opted not to marry a Prince from kingdom neverland. 🙂 yeah, that’s why! But I love crabs! 🙂

  4. Caviar day??? How did I not know about that????? Really???? Caviar day???? Your whole foodie experience has my mouth watering and wanting something wonderful. I just watched the documentary “Forks Over Knives” and now I am thinking I need to change my diet…maybe tomorrow. And I <3 my Keurig also…it is the best of all worlds !!!

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