Musing about: ROOMBA! Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Grand Marnier Day

Please have a gummy worm; after all, it is Gummy Worm Day. It is also Tapioca Day, but I’m still gearing up for that food experience.

Yesterday (Thursday), we celebrated Mac and Cheese Day and Grand Marnier Day! I will tell you all about it, but I must first show off our new Roomba.

I have always wanted a Roomba—even before they were invented. However, after they were invented, they were pricey, and I had my doubts that the Roomba could handle our industrial vacuuming needs. So, I settled for the Sebo, the Porsche of vacuums, but it was not the same. Time passed, and I resigned myself to life without a Roomba, and then a couple of weeks ago, Woot offered a very good deal on a top-of-the-line Roomba! It arrived yesterday and has been Roomba-ing ever since. Here let me show you…. Feel free to clap and cheer. Roomba!

We will, of course, be dressing our Roomba up and will share the new and fascinating ways “she” entertains us over time.

Next, let me share about Mac and Cheese Day and Grand Marnier Day. Would you like a glass of homemade lemonade to go with your gummy worms?

First, we went to the local package good store to buy a small bottle of Grand Marnier. I love buying liquor from a package good store. There is a smell when you walk through the door that is rather, well, intoxicating. The cashier is always familiar even if you have never met her, and even when the place is crowded, help is near at hand. Nobody ever seems rushed, but the store is run efficiently. When I was a kid, my mom’s uncle Dick ran a bar in Roswell, New Mexico, called the Red Barn, and there was a package good store attached to the bar that was managed by a man named Freddy. I was under 5, but I can still remember Freddy and the package good store like it was yesterday. Maybe it was the Shirley Temples at the bar that sealed the memory for me.

Next, we headed to Smoque, a neighborhood barbecue place that sells ribs with a very good mac and cheese on the side.

We ordered to go. I told Cole that he could not eat the ribs and drive. See! I do say NO…once in awhile.

At the grocery store, I bought pound cake, fruit, and chocolate for the chocolate and Grand Marnier fondue we would make when we got home.

When I came back to the car, Cole had devoured half a slab of ribs. He was not driving the car, but waiting in the car. It was hard to explain to a kid whose braces glowed with barbecue sauce that I meant we should wait until we got home to eat the ribs, and before I could even try, he was burping and longing for something to drink. Give me strength.

At home, Cole finished off the ribs while I set up the fondue, and now, pictures will take the place of words. It should be duly noted that Cole thinks liqueur glasses are really silly.

Day #9 of our “Food of the Day” goal completed and now the mighty have fallen to Tapioca pudding and gummy bears but we shall overcome and see you back here to muse again tomorrow.

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10 thoughts on “Musing about: ROOMBA! Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Grand Marnier Day

  1. Love the Roomba! And the dogs seems to enjoy it too! You gave me an idea what to have for dessert. I’m sure the kids will like that idea. 🙂

    • It is very kid friendly…every kid likes to dip and double dip. We use to fondue at every Solstice and then I got lazy so now we just fondue when we feel like it.

  2. I have a roomba but I have to clean it so often it’s not worth the trouble. Damn Dogs! It’s name is Spooner after the guy in the movie I Robot.

  3. Had the best mac’n’cheese while on my recent travels. It was made with truffle oil and was so good I wanted to lick my plate!

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