Musing: Fireworks Curses-It was a long 4th of July

Welcome to my late night pity party. Your hostess is Pitiful Peril.

(I wrote this last night but decide to post this morning-so I could offer you better snacks.)

Can I offer you a cuppa

would you like turnover?

It was a very long day (July 4th) and while the clock has tick-tocked over to the next day, I am still wide awake, sending my neighborhood explosive thoughts and cursing them in a way that is not very patriotic.

My campers have been up since the first firework went off, at around 5:30 a.m. on July 4th morning. I run camp like General Patton over the 4th of July weekend, and make it as stress-free an experience as I can. Some campers cope better than others, but we all get through it together.

I love fireworks and would never suggest that the laws that are suppose to prevent people from setting them off be enforced because they stress my canine pals, but it would be nice if some of our neighborhood fools launched them during reasonable hours. 1:00 a.m. is not a reasonable hour. No, I won’t call the police, because I am not a neighborhood tattletale and the worse the police could do is shoot them. Instead, I am going to go outside right now and curse them with a curse taught to me by a Jewish friend many, many, years ago. I only wish I could say it in Yiddish: “Tonight when you go to bed may your blood turn to whiskey, so that 100 bedbugs get drunk on it and dance the mazurka in your belly button.”

This 4th of July holiday was hard. Cole missed his dad a lot, I missed Joe a lot and frankly sometimes I fail miserably at pulling holiday fun out of my hat. Sheesh, shouldn’t it be easier by now?

We had enchiladas for dinner because neither of us could deal with barbecuing. Cole, however, did point out that our enchilada sauce was red, the onions were white and our napkins were blue-dios bendiga a América.

Cole came down with a stomachache around 10 p.m. and decided he did not want to light any fireworks. I finally just said what we were both feeling. This year’s 4th of July sucked without Joe. I gave Cole something for his stomach and took Advil for my pounding head.

The last firecracker went off 15 minutes ago… Glorious silence. It’s time to send Pitiful Peril packing. It’s a new day and  when I wake up I am going to be ready to ring it in.

So how was your 4th? Leave me a comment if you are so inclined…Odd Loves Company!


12 thoughts on “Musing: Fireworks Curses-It was a long 4th of July

  1. Great curse! I an writing it down. Sorry your day was long and your night was longer. I would have enjoyed enchiladas.
    Hope Cole feels better and you find fun in your Tuesday.

  2. I’m sorry that your 4th of July wasn’t the celebration it was meant to be. It doesn’t matter how much time passes, there will always be a time, an event or memory that will make you miss Joe that little bit more than you already do. There are no hard and fast rules and no timelines, when it happens, you already know that you just have to let it be, go with it, and wait for a new day to begin. xx

  3. The fourth of July has haunted me since July of 1992. My brother loved this day more than any other and I cry on and off for the day. I try to fight it but I can’t! I’m fine on Xmas and other holidays but I’ve come to hate the fireworks because I miss his enthusiasm.

    I am so sorry your neighbors are inconsiderate. One bad apple spoils the whole barrel! If people would only be reasonable about it but they are rude!

    I hope you have a quiet evening tonight but do not be surprised if they have leftovers.

    The curse may help!

    Sorry to hear Cole had another tummy ache. I hope nothing is brewing in that area.

    • I lucked out or the curse worked–the leftovers were much lighter than past years.
      Different holidays mean different things, don’t they Time makes it different, good memories help but sometimes grief takes a sucker punch and it hurts.

  4. Ah, Katybeth, sorry your Fourth was less than spectacular. My Sheltie hated all the firecrackers, too, and dove under my chair for protection. Don’t fret about missing Joe and it not getting easier by now — things like that don’t take place on a time schedule, and sometimes you can’t see the “progress” from day to day. I imagine you both will always miss him, some days more than others.

    • Sorry your pup suffered.. I was considering diving under the bed myself. Yep some days are harder than others and Joe’s being gone will always be apart of our lives and history…we are fortunate to have good friends, loving family, wonderful memories and shorter lasting cloudy days.

  5. I kind of felt melancholy myself this past holiday weekend, because I wasn’t with my family…and though that’s different than the kind of sadness you feel, I can understand some of what you and Cole were feeling. It’s hard to see families of all types out having fun together when you’re feeling sad and missing your own family members. I don’t think there’s a time line and I don’t think you should beat yourself up if you don’t feel happy all the time, or aren’t able to create fun at every holiday. We all do the best we can and hope the next day will be better. Hugs.

    • Your right, Dawn it’s the smell of a barbecue..or a tradition that is just not the same with two of you. The next day did shine brighter and I think enchiladas has become our new 4th of July tradition!

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