Musing: Penuche Fudge, Hot Dogs, Vanilla Ice Cream and Invisible Mom

Friday was Penuche Fudge Day,

Saturday was Hot Dog day and Vanilla Ice Cream day.

and by the time you read this it will be Sunday and I will be sipping a Margarita to celebrate Tequila day.

Do you ever feel like you have stolen more chain than you can swim with?

Lets do this, in the interest of staying current..we will muse about both Penuche Fudge Day and Hot Dog-Vanilla Ice Cream Day. You are odd but bright and I feel certain you can handle two food days combined into one muse. Ask questions if you need too.

Penuche fudge was kind of a downer after Fried Twinkie day. Fudge needs chocolate to be great and although my mom did not make us any fudge this past Christmas…I’m pretty certain she still makes the best fudge in the whole world. I need to remind her if she goes to her reward one year without making us fudge…I will spend the rest of my life not only pining for her fudge but also wondering if it was really as good as I remembered it to be…But I digress.. Penuche fudge Day was Ok but not great.

After Cole and I made the Penuche fudge we headed out for our nightly drive together. Because Cole is still driving with his learners permit the nightly drive has to include me. After we made our customary stop at Starbucks and Cole was sipping his Caramel Macchiato he wondered if I could pretend that I was not in the car; he assured me it was nothing personal.

Ok, I’m a good sport and Cole is a good driver so I agreed to pretend not to be in the car and pulled out my I-pad to amuse myself with…I admit I did glared at him when he asked if I could tap a little more quietly. Cole drove along merrily pretending he was alone until the excitement of seeing a Fox ended the experiment. Actually I am not sure if it was the well timed fox or the fact that he was hungry and the car gas light switched on that renewed my status as a passenger. Funny how the snapping of a wallet turns a mom that was a distraction moments before back into a favorite passenger. We filled the car up and stopped at McDonalds to try their new Agnus Beef, Mushroom wraps. Which we both agreed were very good. When our road trip ended Cole told me not to worry that afters he gets his drivers licenses he doesn’t always plan to leave me at home a when he goes out for a drive. I’m flattered but well aware that a snapping wallet has a powerful allure.

I woke up this morning to the happy thought that today’s food of the day was Hot dogs and vanilla ice cream! Yay! Real food. We celebrated Hot dog day at a favorite hotdog place of ours called Superdawg a drive in restaurant, where your food tray hangs from your window.

Cole was driving so when we pulled into the parking space the speaker was on his side of the car while placing our order he started laughing hard.

I wondered what in the world was so funny and then realized exactly what he was laughing about…our last visit to Superdawgs had been with Joe and we had gotten in a terrible fight over placing our order.

Joe wanted me to order so I did:

Hi, we want 3 hotdogs with everything, two hotdogs with everything but sports peppers and 3 chocolate shakes

Joe would then immediately say

Wait that is not right! We want 5 hot dogs with everything but leave the sports peppers off two of them and 3 chocolate shakes.

The order taker would yell back–Ok you want 8 hot dogs with everything but leave the sports peppers off 4 of them and a 6 chocolate shakes what size.

I would try to correct the order and Joe would once again talk over me.When Cole tried to help on the 4th try–I lost it and became one mean super dawg and move to the back seat leaving Joe sitting in the front seat with how ever many hot dogs we ended up with, trying to figure out where to put 5 fudging shakes.

Eventually the whole experience was very funny but we never went back to SuperDawgs again as a family and i have no regrets.

Cole and I enjoyed every bite of our dawgs and more than did justice to hot dog day. Later we both enjoyed a small scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Join me later today and we can sip Margaritas to celebrate Tequila day and I will share my birthday cake with you. Odd loves Comments so muse with me if you have the time about what it going on with you!


10 thoughts on “Musing: Penuche Fudge, Hot Dogs, Vanilla Ice Cream and Invisible Mom

  1. So is today your birthday?? If so, I hope it’s a very happy one! Yes, I agree that moms with wallets can be very attractive passengers indeed!

  2. I can imagine the SuperDawgs Family Fight….. Memories are memories, right?

    Regarding parents paying? I often refer to myself as The Human Wallet…. :/

  3. 52 years ago this morning I gave birth to a beautiful 8lb.2oz. baby boy in the front seat of our 56 Chevy at the entrance of the hospital ER door. His little 3 year old sister (Cindy Lou) was in the back seat of said car. Quiet as a mouse too. Everything turned out just fine. Today I haven’t been able to get ahold of him to wish him a happy day. I will say….he was a very sweet and loving boy, a wonderful father to 2 great boys and a successful business man. I love him. 🙂

    • By the way Katybeth, I hope you have a sunshine filled day and I can’t wait to hear what Cole has cooked up for you or what gift you recieved from him. Happy Birthday to a great gal. <3

    • Oh my goodness I did not know your son and I shared the same birthday. How cool is that and Carol what a great story. It must have been a very good birth since Cynthia chose to have Aidan at home!
      I bet he loves you too! ♥

  4. I love the Superdog story and could picture the whole episode as I was reading. So how many hotdogs did you wind up with?

    Happy birthday. Hope you’re having a howling good time!

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