Musings: Corn Fritters, Tapioca, Harry Potter

Please help yourself to some ice tea

and a corn fritter. Today is Corn Fritter Day,

and I now understand the saying “flat as a fritter” from an insider’s perspective. I will tell you all about it; but first, let me tell you about tapioca day-gummi worm day.

It crossed my mind to seek out a recipe for tapioca pudding and make it from scratch, but then I crossed that idea off when I started to look at recipes. I then decide to make it from a tapioca pudding mix and went to the grocery store with the best of intentions. But on my way to the pudding aisle, I happened to pass single servings of Jell-O tapioca pudding in those little sealed cups, and believed with all my heart that God had sent me a sign….the sign read “Katybeth, buy the tapioca pudding packs ‘cause, kid, tapioca isn’t going to be your thing!” God had a point. I bought the pudding pack

and a package of gummi worms.

I dressed the pudding up a bit and gave it a try.

God was right about the tapioca pudding—it’s not my thing.

Cole and I ate the rest of the gummi worms at the Harry Potter movie. We both loved the movie and were really sad when it was over. I suppose it goes along with a general sadness that we are fighting this summer over not having Joe around. Cole has especially been missing his dad these last couple of months. Joe read all the Harry Potter books to Cole even after he was old enough to read them on his own. Endings suck.

Over the last couple of months, I have tried to help Cole to connect with Joe in “his head,” and feel the ways they are alike through stories. I have also encouraged him to accept even small signs that Joe is with him or thinking about him. However, skepticism and a demand for logic is very much a part of the teen years. Cole doesn’t hear his dad in his head; he hears himself wishing it was his dad… One great line in the Harry Potter movie was when Harry asked, “Is this all happening in my head or is it real?” and the reply was, “Harry, just because something is happening in your head doesn’t make it any less real.” Cole came home from the movie, picked up the first Harry Potter book, and noticed that Joe had dated it when they’d finished reading it the first time.

While Cole read Harry Potter, I fried up corn fritters because it is, after all, Corn Fritter Day! It seems wrong to me that corn fritter recipes don’t add in the time spent slaving over a hot greasy fritter pan in their prep time. Sure the prep time is only 10 minutes, but this does not include frying them up.

I did amuse myself by singing the old Enjoli perfume commercial and substituting the word “bacon” for “fritter”…do you remember the commercial?

I can put the wash on the line,
Feed the kids, get dressed,
pass out the kisses
and get to work by five to nine.

I can stir up the fritters,
fry them up in a pan
and never, never, never let you forget you’re a man…….’cause I’m a woman…..Enjoli.

When the fritters were golden brown, I served them with a choice of powdered sugar, maple syrup, or salsa. Cole and I tried one with each topping and they were, but not really good enough to make again.

I now smell like a fritter, my hair is as flat as a fritter, my kitchen is splattered with grease, and I have frittered a large part of Saturday away—but you will never ever hear me complain! Maybe whine but never complain.

Tomorrow is ice cream day; any flavor ice cream. YAY ICE CREAM! And no, we will not be frying ice cream at my house.


WOW MOM Em, made this cool Tapioca pudding and her pudding has chocolate added to it! Here is the recipe.



And just take a look at her Fritters!!

Work of Art! Made with 12 or so helping hands which gives new meaning to those immortal words…”AND WE HEPED.”

11 thoughts on “Musings: Corn Fritters, Tapioca, Harry Potter

  1. Reading aloud a book of that size had to be no easy task and is worthy of high praise! You’re right it just sucks that he is gone and that it hurts so damn much! It’s great that Joe signed that book and dated it! I love that.

  2. I think the fritters look yummy. I grate an onion and chop fresh chives into mine. Perhaps next year you can try it that way.

    Three cheers for Katybeth, Emily and any other kitchen helpers!

    • I agree with Nancy…they would taste better with onion.Even tho I have never had one, that would sound more tempting. And…You should NOT have bought the tapioca pack… I tried them once and yuk! You have to make it from scratch with some orange pieces stirred in. You would like that. And get the small eyeballs not the big one…LOL> 😮

      • A sign Carol! A sign! God sent me a sign. I just know somebody, someday will offer me tapioca pudding made from scratch, with small eyeballs and orange pieces and I will say—WOW Carol was right…this is sooo much better.

  3. I made pork and pineapple tacos last night. They were pretty good. Charlie asked me if they were Irish tacos. I was confused, Irish tacos? He thought the pineapple tidbits were bites of potatoes!!!! And yes, he had eaten them. Give me strength!

  4. I’ll have to share with you the indonesian version of corn fritters, I think you’ll like them. I ate my corn fritters with hot sauce.. 🙂 and rice? hahaha…

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