August 4, 2011 Lasagna Day!

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August 4, 2011

★~ Today’s Quote: Once again, my life has been saved by the miracle of lasagna~ Garfield

★~ Lasagna Day:

Favorite food to beloved cartoon character Garfield as well as many others, lasagna alternates layers of pasta, cheese, and sauce (and sometimes meat and/or veggies). If it is Lasagna Day then you know it’s going to be a good day. Celebrate by dining on your favorite lasagna.

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1790 – U.S. Coast Guard had its beginnings this day. Congress authorized the President to build and equip ten boats to collect revenue, and provide for a complement of officers and men to operate them. This early service known as the Revenue Marine (later the Revenue Cutter Service) represented an attempt to counter a serious smuggling problem that had tremendous financial impact on the nation’s ability to enforce its laws at sea.

♥~ 1922 – Every telephone in the U.S. and Canada went dead as the Bell System shut down all its switchboards and switching stations for one minute in memory of Alexander Graham Bell, who had died two days earler. During this time, none of the 13 million telephones in operation could be used.

♥~ 1983 – New York Yankee outfielder Dave Winfield threw a baseball during warmups and accidentally killed a seagull! After the game, Toronto police surrounded the slugger and arrested him for “causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.”

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1901 – (Daniel) Louis Armstrong Satchmo: jazz musician: trumpet; Grammy Award-winning singer: Hello, Dolly! [1964], Lifetime Achievement Award [1971]; It’s a Wonderful World, Mack the Knife, Blueberry Hill; appeared in films: The Five Pennies, The Glenn Miller Story, Hello Dolly!, High Society; American ambassador of good will; inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [1990]; died July 6, 1971

♥~ 1961 Barack Obama 44th U.S. President [2009- ], first African American to be elected U.S. President; U.S. Senator from Illinois [2005-2009]; Illinois State Senator [1997-2004]; president of Harvard Law Review [1990]; married [Jun 1989] to Michelle Robinson; two daughters: Malia Ann and Natasha [‘Sasha’]

♥~ 1961 – Lauren Tom actress: The Joy Luck Club, When a Man Loves a Woman, Grace Under Fire, DAG, Max Stee

★~ Did You Know: 

♥~  In the Seinfeld episode, “The Butter Shave,” Elaine gives the nickname “Vegetable Lasagna” to the passenger next to her on a plane.

♥~  The word lasagna originally referred to the pot in which the dish was cooked rather than the food itself as it does today. In fact, it is believed by some that the word is derived from the Greek word for “chamber pot” (lasanon).

~ Lasagna is the favorite food of the cartoon character Garfield.

♥~ The Forme of Cury, a 14th century cookbook that was the first to be published in England, featured lasagna.

♥~ Weird Al Yankovic did a parody of the song “La Bamba” entitled “Lasagna” on his album, Even Worse.

★~ Life after 50: 

Born on February 21st 1875 in Arles, France Jeanne Calment is, according to Guinness World Records, the oldest person to have ever lived for whom there is irrefutable evidence. Calment’s mother, father and brother lived to 86, 93, and 97 respectively.

As well as living through two world wars, Calment also met Vincent Van Gogh while he was staying in Arles, and attended Victor Hugo’s funeral in 1885. At the age of 114, she appeared in the film Vincent and Me, making her the world’s oldest actress, and in 1996, the nursing home she resided in released a CD of her reminiscing about her life.

Calment lived on her own until she was 101. She took up fencing at age 85, and was still riding a bicycle by the time she reached 100. She survived a hip operation at age 114 to become the oldest verifiable surgery patient, and remained an ardent smoker until she decided to quit at age 117.


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  1. I will whisper since Geri seems to be zzzzzing. Garfield knows what he is talking about–you just can not beat a great pan of lasagna, garlic bread and a little vino.


  2. I was dreaming about Lasagna! Yum. I will be back later for a piece.

    Love the story about France Jeanne Calment.

    Almost the weekend

  3. Happy Birthday President Obama!

    Joe made the most amazing Lasagna KB! it was so good!

    Love El Morno. See you later alligator.

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