August 3, 2011: Underwear and Watermelon Day

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August 3rd, 2011

August Sunrise - 010

★~ Today’s Quote: “When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat ~  Mark Twain quotes

★~ National Underwear Day:

Underwear isn’t just the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, but the most important thing you wear all day, according to undies retailer Celebrate underwear day by clicking over to Freshpair to enter to win some new underwear; they are giving away 5,000 pairs because 79.999% of Americans wear the same type of underwear their entire life … and it does not even fit right. Freshpair’s goal is to change this. In New York, models hit the street in their underwear to promote National Underwear Day. I wonder if people stand around pointing and saying, “I see London, I see France, I see someone’s underpants.” Probably not.

★~ National Watermelon Day:

I was shocked to find out I know a number of people who do not like watermelon. How someone can not like this refreshing summer picnic staple is a mystery to me, but it’s the God’s honest truth that some peeps just do not share my enthusiasm for watermelon. Maybe they just have not had watermelon fixed the right way.

Watermelon lovers, cut yourself a big slice of watermelon and enjoy every bite while celebrating Watermelon Day!

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1933 – The world-famous Mickey Mouse Watch was introduced. The timepiece sold for $2.75. A Mickey Mouse Clock sold for $1.50. New models now sell for $25 or more and the original watches and clocks are worth hundreds of dollars.

♥~ 1958 – James Robert Sordelet of Fort Wayne, IN, became the first person to reenlist in the U.S. Navy while under the North Pole! He did so while serving on the submarine Nautilus as it crossed under the Arctic ice.

♥~ 1963 – Comedian Allan Sherman’s summer camp parody, Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter from Camp) was released on Warner Brothers Records. It went to number two on the pop charts (8/24/63).

♥~ 1963- the Beatles had to enter the Blackpool, England, concert hall where they were performing via a trap door on the roof. To get to that trap door, they had to climb up the scaffolding of the neighboring building. Fans had blocked all the other entrances to the concert hall.

♥~ 1971 – Paul McCartney formed a new band called Wings. Joining McCartney in the group were Denny Laine, formerly of The Moody Blues, Denny Seilwell and McCartney’s wife, Linda.

♥~ 1996 – “Give your body happiness, Macarena…” Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix), by Los Del Rio, hit #1 on Billboard. It stayed and stayed at the top — for 14 smash weeks — as dancers swayed and swayed. “Ehhhhhh, Macarena!”

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1926 – Tony Bennett (Benedetto) Grammy Award-winning singer: I Left My Heart in San Francisco [1962], MTV Unplugged [1994]; I Wanna Be Around, Who Can I Turn To, The Shadow of Your Smile, Because of You, Rags to Riches, Stranger in Paradise, In the Middle of an Island, The Good Life; appeared in film: The Oscar

♥~ 1940 – Martin Sheen (Ramon Estevez) actor: The West Wing, Apocalypse Now, J.F.K., Wall Street, Badlands, Ghandi, Gettysburg, The Final Countdown; father of actors Charlie Sheen & Emilio Estevez

♥~ 1941 – Martha Stewart cooking, craft, decorating, planting advisor; Martha Stewart’s Living [TV show and magazine]

♥~ 1951 – Jay North, Actor, “Dennis the Menace”,

★~ Did You Know: 

♥~ The first recorded watermelon harvest occurred nearly 5,000 years ago in Egypt.

♥~ Watermelon is 92% water.

♥~ Watermelon’s official name is Citrullus Lanatus of the botanical family Curcurbitaceae. It is cousins to cucumbers,pumpkins and squash.

♥~ By weight, watermelon is the most-consumed melon in the U.S., followed by cantaloupe and honeydew.

♥~ Early explorers used watermelons as canteens.

♥~ The first cookbook published in the U.S. in 1776 contained a recipe for watermelon rind pickles.

♥~ In 1990, Bill Carson of Arrington, TN grew the largest watermelon at 262 pounds that is still on the record books (1998 ed. Guinness Book of World Records).

♥~ On August 12, 1995, Jason Schayot reared back and spit a watermelon seed 75 feet 2 inches at the 81st beating the previous watermelon seed spitting record of 49 feet 1/4 inch.

♥~ Watermelon can be grilled. Really. Grilled watermelon

★~ Odd Mental Illness Disorders: 

♥~ Stockholm Syndrome: Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response sometimes seen in an abducted hostage, in which the hostage shows signs of sympathy, loyalty or even voluntary compliance with the hostage taker, regardless of the risk in which the hostage has been placed. Good Example: Patty Herst

♥~ Lima Syndrome:  The exact opposite of Stockholm syndrome – this is where the hostage takers become more sympathetic to the plights and needs of the hostages.

♥~  Paris Syndrome: Paris syndrome is a condition exclusive to Japanese tourists and nationals, which causes them to have a mental breakdown while in the famous city. The condition is basically a severe form of ‘culture shock’. Polite Japanese tourists who come to the city are unable to separate their idyllic view of the city, seen in such films as Amelie, with the reality of a modern, bustling metropolis.

♥~ Capgras Delusion: is a rare disorder in which a person holds a delusional belief that an acquaintance, usually a spouse or other close family member, has been replaced by an identical looking impostor.

♥~ Cotard Delusion: The Cotard delusion is a rare psychiatric disorder in which a person holds a delusional belief that he or she is dead, does not exist, is putrefying or has lost their blood or internal organs.


Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday. I will be back in a little bit to muse about Ice Cream sandwiches!

6 thoughts on “August 3, 2011: Underwear and Watermelon Day

  1. Hi Mike…I’m first.
    I love watermelon. Underwear day is interesting and the mental illnesses are fascination. I hope I never meet a person who thinks I have been replaced by an impostor. It would leave me wondering if I really was who I thought I was and that would not be helpful for either of us.

    Have wicked Wednesday in a good way.

  2. I love watermelon and never knew it could be grilled. Happy Birthday Martha Stewart! I have always liked her. I have never known a person who had a “rare” mental disorder and I’m glad!

  3. I still have my Mickey Mouse watch, a favorite uncle gave to me. Watermelon is ok. I may have to go undercover and learn a little bit more about Underwear Day.

    Have a good one.
    M-ignoring Geri

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