Emily Muses: Peach Pie Day and School Starts


August 24, 2011: Peach Pie Day
Food of the Day for a One-Year Goal
Day: #49

Emily is going to muse about peach pie day with you because I still have a stuffed up head and she did some really cool thing with her peaches! First she made them into a pie and then she grilled them and finally she broiled them or something like that….

Options people..the secret to life.

Wednesday was also the first day of school for Emily’s Wow family and I bet you are dying to know how the day went so I invited Emily to tell all!!


I bet you didn’t know that peach pie is my ultimate favorite pie…so I was giddy with excitement when it showed up on the Food of the Day calendar. This was my day, just like Root Beer Float Day was Katybeth’s day. I dreamed of fresh peach pie, warm from the oven with vanilla ice cream à la mode, melting just a bit upon my Martha Stewart-esque pie. And the lucky bonus was, four of my five children would be at school for the day, giving me plenty of time to perfect my peach pie.

Well, you know what they say about good intentions, right?

The night before the first day of school found me tossing and turning in bed, fretting, as mothers will, about transitioning into the new middle school, new classes and teachers, and the PTO and Girl Scout leadership tasks that would soon begin to fill my calendar. When the alarm went off at 6:30 I lingered as long as I could, less than thrilled to be starting the new day.

Finally, I pulled on a smile and went to wake up my children. My children all greeted the day with their own unique style:

Emmet bolted up and was immediately excited and ready for his adventures at his new middle school.

Chloe, dreamy, relaxed, and care free, wafted from her bedroom wearing a mishmash of seasons, colors, and patterned outfits. I couldn’t help but wonder if she’d slept in her clothes; it kind of looked that way. I suggested a different shirt—after all, it was the first day of school.

Will, my sleepyhead and soon-to-be first grader, wrapped himself up further into a cocoon of blankets each time I came back to get him up. Finally, after a fair amount of pulling and groaning, his feet found the floor.

Counting noses and making lunches, I realized I hadn’t said good morning to my oldest daughter, Madeleine. When I went to check, she was sleeping soundly. Her alarm clock had failed her, but her mother had not! When I woke her up, she leaped into action and raced out the door, leaving her school schedule behind.

My youngest, Lucy, doesn’t start pre-school until after Labor Day and was sleeping in my bed, snug as a bug in a rug…the little stinker.

The house was a flurry of morning activity as seven people tried to navigate one bathroom, eat breakfast, make lunches, triple check backpacks, and find that missing shoe. And, of course, the most important thing of all is the first day of school picture.

Will and Chloe headed out the door to walk to school, their dad trailing behind while Emmet and I enjoyed a little bit of extra time together while he waited for the school bus.

Once everyone was out the door, I cleaned up and looked forward to greeting a handful of mama pals that were coming over coffee. I love my mama pals. Together we enjoyed a few hours of nearly child-free conversation and comradeship. One mama pal commented that it felt like ages since she could talk without being interrupted. We all nodded in agreement at the joy of uninterrupted adult conversation.

By noon, my house was empty and so was I.

Sitting down to catch my breath, I turned on the computer and clicked on a message sent by Katybeth: “I am not sure why it is National Peach Day tomorrow on the national food calendar but National Waffle Day everyplace else. Perhaps peaches on waffles? Or peach pie. I just wanted to let you know you have options….”

I had options!

Opening my fridge, I found sitting forlornly on the shelves the uneaten remains of lemon meringue pie from Lemon Meringue Day and a chocolate pecan cake—er, torte—from Chocolate Pecan Torte Day. Already feeling full from a morning of baked goods and the waistline of my jeans feeling snug, I decided to exercise my OPTIONS and NOT bake a peach pie. Rifling through my produce drawer, I found four almost too-ripe peaches. Heck, now I don’t even have to go to the store!! (Em–it really is time to pitch the Lemon Meringue pie!) 

I emailed Katybeth: “Exercising my options! Plan B: grilled peaches!”

The day flew by, and before I knew it Lucy and I were walking to the playground to meet Will and Chloe after school. We baked as we stood there. No, not a pie. It was 90 degrees out there—we baked! Finally, red-faced and wilting, Will and Chloe finally emerged from school. Chloe looked around the playground for Emmet, forgetting he had moved on to middle school. None of us wanted to stay and play at the park, so melting together, we walked home to our air-conditioned oasis.

Once home, tales of the first day of school were shared. Will has a desk, not just a table. Chloe has the big classroom on the 3rd floor. One of the biggest changes for Chloe this year is going to school without her big brother, who has moved up to the middle school. When she repeatedly asked when Emmet’s bus would arrive, I realized how much she missed him and gave her a tight hug.

Madeleine texted and requested permission to go to a friend’s house. I texted back, How was school? She texted back Fine, can I go? Supporting her independence, I said yes, but when she returned home I planned to exercise my “mama’s rights: and insist on a full report of her first day of high school as a junior.

Emmet arrived home, radiating in confidence and bursting with excitement. He had survived riding the bus to and from school for the first time, and his first day of middle school. He navigated a school four times the size of his elementary school and only got lost once or maybe twice. I hid my relief behind a high five.

Dinner. Sitting outside on a 90-degree day by the 500-degree grill seemed torturous. So Katybeth’s words rang true again—I HAVE OPTIONS. I looked at my toaster oven with its broiler option and wondered…could I just broil my peaches? I went to the trusty computer, and lo and behold—YES I COULD! In less than 15 minutes start to finish with four ingredients. Peach Day Plan C : Broiled peaches! Perfect.

After dinner, while the older children shared school stories with their dad in the living room, Lucy and I broiled our peaches in the kitchen  Peach Recipe: Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream (oil not used since I broiled instead of grilling them)

I placed  them on a plate with a dollop of whipped cream melting on top.

Served them up, took my first bite, and did not miss my beloved peach pie one bit.


Cole and I Celebrate peach pie with a peach pie…B-O-R-I-N-G


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  1. Wow Emily good job get everyone one in their places with bright shining faces!

    Those peaches look so good. The fact that you had the energy to make dessert at all is very impressive.

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