Look Mom! I’m Flying

Look Mom! I'm Flying!

Groupon recently offered a vertical wind tunnel experience that shoots thrill-seekers up in the air with a powerful gust that simulates the experience of skydiving.

Perfect for Cole. I bought it.

The wind tunnel site is in Rochelle, Il about an 1 1/2 from Chicago so we bought snacks and called it a road trip.

I had a smug mom moment while Cole was driving.  The day was beautiful, the toll-road was wide open and the temptation to push the speed limit to the max was high. I warned Cole  that ‘Johnny-law’ could be hiding under one of the viaducts; Cole ignored my warnings.  It happened. Fortunately the policeman ignored him in favor of a car going much faster, but the moment was mine! The fear was Cole’s.

When we arrived at the jump site,  the operators could not have been nicer. They encouraged me to take lots of pictures. I loved that about them.

They encouraged Cole’s dream of sky-diving but told him most places require him to be 18. YES! I cannot sign my child’s legal rights away; he cannot sign a legal document until he’s 18. WIN! If only they had not added that in Canada the legal age for sky-diving  is 16.

It was fun to watch the parachuters float to the ground. . .I was glad I was on the ground.

Cole was given clear instructions for optimizing the wind tunnel experience but the instructions did not go on and on.

After I signed the lengthy waiver, I was reassured that they hadn’t lost a customer (yet). When I asked if anyone had been hurt, they answered, “Yep, but not permanently.” Ok then . . .

The experience was short (about 5 minutes), but keeping in mind that the body is not used to being thrust into the air by a column of wind blowing at approximately 120 miles per hour, it was probably long enough.

Cole would love to go back and learn some of the more advanced moves, including twisting, flipping, and restyling his hair, while suspended in mid-air.

Here is the link: Category 5 Productions Indoor Skydiving.

We were blown away by a great day!


4 thoughts on “Look Mom! I’m Flying

  1. wow, I just called Gianni to look at the video and he wanted to know where he can sign up. What a thrilling experience and so much safer than watching them sky diving from a plane (between you and me I’d be terrified and have to close my eyes if one of mine were up there)

  2. Way-cool! Our kids had something similar though on a smaller scale when they went on a field trip back in middle school, and the boys loved it. Glad you avoided a speeding ticket — always good to “scare” them a bit!

  3. This was just perfect! Mom and child were safe on ground, so no mishaps should a parachute fail to open! So glad he had that experience and when he gets older…..if he so desires to jump out of planes, sounds like being a paratrooper would fit in his life. So glad you had a good day and time. 😯

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