Musing about Grandparents & Filet Mignon

August 13, 2011: Filet Mignon Day
Food of the Day for a Year Goal
Day: #38

Saturday was Filet Mignon Day. Perfect timing. I was in the mood for real food after several nights of popcorn and cereal for dinner. It was a little odd making a filet mignon for one, but my boy is still visiting his grandparents in New Mexico

Filet Mignon for One

Someone asked me the other day if I miss Cole. Not really.

Joe was always the sad one when Cole would make his journey to New Mexico every year. He would wander aimlessly around the house and mark the days on his calendar until Cole returned. I would suggest a movie and he would sadly ask, “Without Cole?” Eating out always brought comments like “I bet Cole would really like this place” or “We will have to come back here when Cole comes home. He’s coming home on Wednesday, right?”

On one grandparent trip, Cole called me back after visiting with his dad on the phone to ask if I could take his dad to a movie because he sounded so sad. I promised I would. (And I did.)

I love the time Cole spends with his grandparents and have always wanted them to spend as much time together as the 1,200-mile distance allows them. This year he has gone rafting with his cousin,

enjoyed sleepovers with his cousins, seen the latest OMNIMAX movie with his grandfather, and invented new kinds of smoothies with his grandmother. In one e-mail, my mom shared that she and Cole both thought it was hysterically funny when one smoothie recipe reminded them to put the lid on before starting the blender. Moms know what grandmothers have forgotten: these reminders are not such a bad thing. Cole and his grandparents discuss politics over smoothies and bourbon (smoothies for him, bourbon for them) during the cocktail hour. Cole knows his conservative grandparents believe in being financially responsible, working hard, and giving back. He knows that when they look at politics it’s very personal—after all, it’s his future they worry about.

Cole has so many great memories from these trips. In fact, he has decided if he ever has kids we can’t live in the same city because he wants his kids to have the opportunity to visit me. (There go my dreams of us living next door to each other. Thanks a lot, Mom.)

My missing Cole is overshadowed by the feeling of how lucky we are that he is able to spend time with his grandparents, get to know his cousins, can fix my mom’s computer issues…and that I can have popcorn without guilt for dinner.

Before dining on my filet mignon, I toasted my parents, cousins, and son with a vintage glass full of Coke.

This is not really me

While I was eating, the song “Imagine” came on the radio—the song we chose for Joe’s memorial—and I knew Joe was toasting Cole’s New Mexico visit right along with me—with a martini, of course.


P.S. Mom, Joe wondered if you still have your Sarah Palin button. Just kidding, Odd readers! Just kidding!! (Maybe.) 🙂

From Emily’s Kitchen:

Yummmmm sauteed filet, mushrooms, creamed spinach and baked potato.



8 thoughts on “Musing about Grandparents & Filet Mignon

  1. Loverly. Sweet moments produce fond memories. Thought of Joe last night when the top of the blender popped off exploding marinara all over me and my kitchen! As always, thanks for sharing your sweet moments and fond memories.

  2. What a great post Kb. Cole must be having a wonderful time. Poor Joe ….lost without his boy!

    See you on El Morno

  3. It’s beautiful Kb, makes me feel better about my situation with my family living far away and stuff. It’s reassuring to know that your child can still have great memories with their grandparents even though theylive far away. And perhaps a better memories! Thank you! To you and Cole!!

  4. It was hard sending Cole home, he’s such fun company. We are very pleased he still wants to come see us. Lot’s of kids his age “outgrow” their Grandparents.

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