Musing about Julienne Fries and Left-Overs

Emily's Julienne fry-day fries! Golden brown and delicious!


August 12, 2011: Julienne Fries Day
Food of the Day for a Year Goal
Day: #37

Julienne Fries Day fell on Friday, or should I say Fry-day. I bet that won’t happen again for a very long time—if you figure out how long, I would love to know. But don’t forget to factor leap year into your calculations.

Which fast food place do you think makes the best fries? I asked this question on Facebook and polled a few friends. McDonalds and Five Guys were the most popular choices. The poll is by no means frynalized, so feel free to share your opinion.

Cole was not here to deep fry fries so I just went with an old half-eaten bag of Ore-Ida fries cluttering the back of my freezer.

Nothing is more pleasing to me than an almost-empty refrigerator. When I open the fridge and its shelves are filled with food clamoring for my attention, I quickly become overwhelmed. I feel like everything is screaming “fix me,” spoiling due to neglect or drying out from lack of attention.

Ideally my fridge would have juice, milk, little bottles of Coke, eggs, one package of shredded cheddar cheese, some onions, a bunch of some kind of vegetable or other, one package of bread, one package of corn tortillas, and maybe a half a melon if I am feeling wild and crazy.

The freezer should have one kind of ice cream that Cole likes, vanilla ice cream for floats, some packaged sliced chicken, and a candy bar. In the summer, I would add one box of cherry popsicles.

Now we have room to neatly stack our leftovers, usually from eating out or clients who drop off their pups and the contents of their fridge and/or gardens when they travel.

I love leftovers—mine, yours, the neighbor’s, it does not matter.

Before our old neighbors moved to St. Louis, we ate well four nights out of seven on their leftovers. Carolyn would make way too much food for dinner each night and have plenty left for another meal. But her husband refused to eat leftovers. Every night, Carolyn would call over the fence to Joe, “Hey Joe do you want this food. I’m just going to throw it out.” And Joe would say, “How old is it?” and Carolyn would say, “I just made it Joe. My family does not eat leftovers.” Joe would then reply, “Sure,” and she would hand Joe the food over the fence. It worked so well I wondered whether we should offer to contribute to their grocery bill.

I do not understand people who do not eat leftovers.

In any case, I was delighted to use up my bag of Ore-Ida fries and clear more space in my freezer. They tasted fine, especially after I dipped them in ranch dressing and paired them with a little Coke.

On tonight’s menu was filet mignon. You have to love a weekend that starts with julienne fries, moves on to filet mignon, and ends with Creamsicles!

Which French fries are your favorite? Do you like leftovers? Odd loves company! So do share….


4 thoughts on “Musing about Julienne Fries and Left-Overs

  1. That is hysterical about your neighbor! She never made less food?

    Do we like left-overs? I plan for left-overs and God help the person that screws up my plan! 😀

  2. My refrigerator is bulging at the seams. I am sure mold cultures are growing in several Tupperware’s or worse. I’m afraid to look. Cleaning it out has been on my list for the last two weeks. I give new meaning to the word left-over.

  3. I love Five Guys fries.

    I also have to give a shout out to the fries at Burger Bar Chicago. They have a fryer they keep gluten free & serve gluten free fries. I think they also have gluten free buns for the burgers.

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