Musing about Raspberries and Crème Liqueurs

August 7th, 2011: Raspberry and Cream Day
Food of the Day for a Year Goal
Day: #32

I’m cleaning the bar area of my house right now, and we have an abundance of crème liqueurs. We moved into the house Joe grew up in, and the bar was mostly stocked by Joe’s dad over the years. If you were here right now, I could offer you a crème de banana, crème de cacao, crème de cassis, crème de menthe, crème de noyaux, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Dooley’s, Mozart Gold Chocolate Cream or Dulce de Leche — to name just a few.

As I dusted and organized the liquor cabinet, inspiration struck. It is Raspberry and Cream Day, and instead of just using whipped cream, I decided to use one of the crème liquors to dress up the raspberries a little bit. According to my good friend Google, if a liqueur is sealed tightly, it will last a very long time.

I sprinkled a little sugar over a few raspberries, and poured some Bailey’s Irish Cream over them. Perhaps the bottle had not been sealed as tightly as it should have been . . . I decided to try again.

Next, I poured a little crème de cassis over my raspberries. I don’t think the problem with the liqueur was shelf life; rather, perhaps the pairing with the berries was not quite right. I decided to give the raspberries another shot.

Crème de noyaux and raspberries was not a bad combination, but the almond flavor was a little overpowering.

The bottle of Dulce de Leche seemed to have potential; but when I smelled it, it was clear its potential had left the bottle.

With only a few berries left, I reached for the Mozart Gold Chocolate Cream. Despite the fact that the bottle was already open, it had been sealed tightly and smelled ok. I poured it over the remaining raspberries, and — wa la — I had a winner!

And a headache. Must have been all that dust.

Emily celebrated Raspberry and Creme Day with the tried and true and it looks wonderful!

I will be back later to muse about Zucchini Day with you. Cole and his friend Patryk fried it up, and I videotaped.

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  1. Wow, Emily really deserve the title of neighborhood Martha Stewart. Those looks so delish!!! But after a long day working and dealing with people I’m leaning towards trying your version. Liquor is good with anything at this point. 🙂

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