Musing about Soft Serve Ice Cream & Marriage Potential

Emily's kids giving the 'food of the day' their all!

August 18, 2011: Soft Ice Cream Day
Food of the Day for a Year Goal
Day: #43

Let’s muse about Soft Ice Cream Day which was on Thursday.  Yes I know it’s Saturday. What can I say my muse is a little behind. But I always say, better late than mussed all together.

On Thursday, we had a lamp casualty. My parents have had the same lamps for forty years…maybe longer. My mother has updated them and mismatched them over the years, but they are the same basic lamps. A camper sends one of my lamps careening to the tile floor at least once a year. I feel lamp cursed, especially since I am very picky about lamps. It’s hard to find one that I like and can afford. Lamps are not light on the budget.

Would you like to meet my favorite lamp? I adore this lamp. It sits in a very special spot far, far from harms way. I bought it from our school auction.

I knew this lamp was mine the moment I saw it. I did not even give anyone else a chance to bid on it; I pulled auction rank and said, “Mine!”

prehistoric dogs-maybe

This is the lamp that will determine whether the girl Cole wants to marry is the right girl.

Cole will bring his want-to-be bride to dinner, and I will casually mention that I plan to give the couple my beloved lamp as a wedding gift.

If the young woman is immediately enthusiastic about the lamp, then Cole has found the light of his life and I shall enthusiastically offer my blessing.

If the young woman is a little perplexed and cautious about the lamp but finds it amusing and interesting, then I will agree that she has potential but suggest to Cole that they date a little longer.

If the want-to-be bride cringes or shows any distaste, then she is wrong, wrong, wrong for my boy.

Cole was a little bit dim when I explained all this to him, but down the road he will thank me for showing him the light and leading him away from heartbreak.

And now, I must go lamp shopping one more time for a new living room lamp. I am going to look for one made out of army tank material.

Thursday was Soft Ice Cream Day, and one of the things I like most about eating the food of the day every day is the new food experiences I’m having. I found out about Hole in the Wall Custard when Emily (my food of the day for a year partner) went there on Wednesday for Vanilla Custard Day. As luck would have it, Soft Ice Cream Day followed Custard Day, so Cole and I went to Hole In The Wall Custard, which also serves soft ice cream. It was such fun—a lot more atmosphere than Dairy Queen and locally owned. I love nothing better than to support a local business.

This picture was not intentional. I think however it might have been a warning.

Cole and I had plans today to do a little sightseeing with our house guest, Jolie but the day got away from us so we decided to introduce Chicago sights to her starting this weekend. The Navy Pier ferris wheel, Millennium Park, and the air and water show are all part of our weekend plans. By Monday, Jolie will be singing, “Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town,” and having the time of her life.

Tomorrow is Lemonade Day, and I look forward to musing with you over a glass—homemade, of course.

3 thoughts on “Musing about Soft Serve Ice Cream & Marriage Potential

  1. Let there be light! The lamp test is excellent. A young man needs help with these things.

    About the ice cream picture I can only say it might be a sign to heed.

  2. Better late than never for ICE CREAM for sure! We have a frozen custard place here that is run by a local. I can’t go because it’s not on my WW list. We also have a dairy farm that has the absolute best hard icecream. Can’t have it as it is not on WW. Now I know that I COULD have it if I want to write down about a gazillion points…and eat nothing else all day. Just might.

    Sorry about the lamp… I bet Cole will thank you some day with the whole lamp/bride thingy. I think.

  3. Sorry about the lamp. Perhaps a hanging lamp? Your snarling pre-historic dog lamp is odd but it has lots of character.
    Love chocolate dip soft serve ice cream.


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