Musing: Raspberry Tarts and Fickle Kids

Cole's first tart

August 11, 2011: Raspberry Tart Day
Food of the Day for a Year Goal
Day: #36

As luck would have it, Raspberry Tart Day  fell when my tart maker was off in the wilds of New Mexico. Cole loves to make tarts. I have no idea why—he must get it from his Aunt Susan. She likes to make tarts. Whenever we need to take food anyplace or his class at school has a celebration, Cole offers to bring a tart. While I moan about potlucks, Cole pulls out the tart pans. I have have two tart pans but I’m minus one tart maker.

Well, nobody is indispensable. Fickle kids who needs them.

Famous last words.

First, I just swung by my favorite bakery to pick up a tart. No raspberry tarts. WHAT!? It’s Raspberry Month and it’s Raspberry Tart Day and my favorite bakery forgot to make the raspberry tarts?? To make matter worse, they had a beautiful berry tart—but without one raspberry on it. I let them have it; they had no idea it was Raspberry Tart Day. They were so sorry. To apologize, they gave me two cookies with raspberry filling. I felt better; I’m easy.

Next stop: Bakers Square. No tarts because, as the man at the counter explained to me like I was a four-year-old, “We sell pies.” Ok then…do you have a raspberry pie? I asked. It was a test, and Bakers Square failed: they did not have raspberry pies either. My inner four-year-old gave them the Raspberry.

The grocery store had a few raspberry turnovers but no tarts.

I went home and took a nap.

When I woke up, I Googled raspberry tart recipes, Emily sent me her recipe and without a lot of enthusiasm I went back to the grocery store and wandered the aisles when…

Holy raspberry tart!

Inspiration hit! Problem solved.

Happy Raspberry Tart Day!!

Here is Emily’s tart. Homemade, beautiful, delicious, fresh.

Thanks for popping by Odd. I’ll see you tomorrow and we can muse about Julienne Fry Day!  As always musing is more fun when you muse with me…Odd Loves Company.

5 thoughts on “Musing: Raspberry Tarts and Fickle Kids

  1. I can not believe a bakery would not have a raspberry tart this time of year or add raspberries to their tarts. Maybe you need new favorite.

    Emily’s tart is very pretty. Your tart popped right out at me! 😀


  2. But of-course a RASPBERRY POP TART. Love it! Perfect solution when you are between tart makers.

    So funny.

  3. You are a GENIOUS! (although my personal favorite is strawberry frosted). Only you would have the wherewithall to hit the pop tart aisle and call it a day! 🙂

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