Musing: Toasted Marshmallows, My Sweet Mom, & Sweet Award

August 30, 2011: Toasted Marshmallow Day
Food of the Day for a One-Year Goal
Day: #55

Toasted Marshmallow Day was very easy and sweet to celebrate.

There is nothing tastier than marshmallows roasted over an open range. The picture up above is of a marshmallow that Emily toasted. Below, Cole is toasting his marshmallow!

Sendi, The Sunflower blogger, sent me a recipe for homemade marshmallows, taking the time to translate it from Indonesian to English, convert the measurements, and include pictures. She then ended her e-mail by saying, “The easiest way is go to the store and buy them!!!” I will try to post the recipe for you; if you want it right NOW—email me at and I will send it to you speedy quick.

Speaking of sweet…Debbie, my friend and fellow blogger over at Musings by an ND Domer’s Mom,has passed along the Sweet Award to me. I told you I was sweet!! And now I have an award to prove it.

The Sweet Award comes with a few requests.

When you are bestowed with an Academy Award, you are supposed to thank the Academy—and when the Sweet Award is passed along to you, you are asked to thank the person who gave you the award.

Well shucks. Being the sweet person I am that is no problem at all. Thank you, Debbie, for recognizing in me what so many have failed to see (MOTHER!): my innate sweetness. It was very dulcet of you.

Next, I am supposed to share some random facts about myself that you may not know. Holy Sweet Blogger Award…is there anything about me that you don’t know? Maybe I should share some facts about my sweet mother.

  • My sweet mother once crawled through a window with her Doberman to evict some tenants that refused to open the door for her. Nobody is sure what she said to them, but they were out of the rental property in 48 hours.
  • My sweet mother employed a painter who would bring his guitar along with his paint brushes, to the house each day, and sing to her. He would still be following her around and singing to her if I had not sweetly fired him.
  • My sweet mother will shoot you if you mess with her dogs, her grandson, or her daughter (in that order). She won’t miss.
  • My sweet mother has mints and gum older than I am in her purse.
  • My sweet mother believes unpainted toenails (men excused) should be a criminal offense.
  • My sweet mother brought a male, gay, porn magazine to her niece’s wedding shower. It was a mistake. We think.
  • My sweet mother believes that my dad tried to kill her with rosebush spray and I tried to kill her with a corn dog. She is mistaken. Perhaps.
  • My sweet mother wrestled a roast from a Great Dane’s mouth—two minutes before my dad arrived home with guests, pushed it back together, blotted it off, inspected it for dog hairs, and served it. The guests were very complimentary.
  • My sweet mother’s self-discipline is legendary. She exercises every day, trains her dogs to obedience titles, runs complicated agility patterns, has never failed to have money for a rainy day, and always knows where both her shoes are. The only thing she cannot do is…program her cell phone or sync her I-Pad.

And finally, I have been asked to pass on the Sweet Award on…so I am passing this award along to a few of my sweet (some more than others) non-blogging friends—with three requests. In no way are you obligated to fulfill these requests. No matter; you will always remain on my sweet list.

Accept your award by leaving a comment on Odd. If you want to share something random about yourself, that would be fun. In return, you will receive a surprise. This is not a bribe; it is an incentive.

Visit Debbie’s blog and leave a comment if you are so inclined.

Click on your name; it will take you to a blog to read. I matched your name to a blog or blog post I thought you might enjoy reading. If you do enjoy the blog or the blog post, leave the blogger a comment. All bloggers love it when you join the discussion.

Since I am not in the mood to sing my ABCs, the list is not in any order, with the exception that my mother is always first…

Marcie Jensen
Carol Smith
Antoinette Caligiuri Galioto
Joann Funtowitz
Carolee Polley
Nancy Leahy
Erica Varner
Stevie Carpenter
Julianne Pierce Joyce
Emily Collins
Cynthia Casper
Carla Smith
Isabel Liss
Teresa Cieslak Newell (the best is last)

I will be back to muse about Trail Mix Day; I have a great story about just how wonderfully odd my family really is. Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for musing with me! Odd Loves Company


36 thoughts on “Musing: Toasted Marshmallows, My Sweet Mom, & Sweet Award

  1. That is the perfect roasted marshmallow. I feel enriched just knowing that marshmallow existed.

    I know that sounds sarcastic…it isn’t. That is exactly the marshmallow I have always wanted.

  2. I will get you, you know. You neglected to mention my amazing memory! I look like a whale in that picture!!!!

    • You do not look like a Whale! I spent a lot of time picking a picture of you where you did not look like a Whale. Wait. Let me try again…there is no way you could ever possible in a million trillion years look like a whale. Fine–I will look for another picture.

  3. Isn’t it easier to just go to the store and grab a bag??? hehehehe… although now that I think about it if you leaves the cherry part out and just made regular one, it shouldn’t be too bad, I’ll let you know! 🙂
    Oh and I never doubt it for one second that you are sweet! Ahem….

    • Thank you Sendi!! Yes, store bought marshmallows are so much easier! Can’t you just say a quick ‘Allah Marshareno Abdo” over them and call them Kosher! I guess not…kind of a shame, tho.

  4. Katybeth, you ARE sweet for your kind words and for sending me some new readers! I’ve never met your mom, but she sounds like my kinda gal — I love the story of the roast, and I’m right there with her on the painted toenails! Great treatment with the Sweet Award, by the way — super original and a big improvement on the real thing!

    • Glad you approve since I didn’t just bend the rules I broke them in half…
      I am glad my mother is my mother and I have no other…however she might not be that sure about me these days 🙂

  5. I’m confused. First of all, I’m not that sweet. I’ve called you out right here on Odd for being a bit of a truth stretcher before and I am doing it again now.
    Second, by adding this comment am I accepting my award? If so then, thank you. If not then thank you because I’m not sure how else to thank you.
    Third, I read the blog post you sent me to . . . is this still about the gum? I DID NOT TRY TO KILL YOU WITH GUM!! You did not go in to anaphylactic shock. You sneezed. Maybe twice. Try the gum again and then we;ll know for sure. Boy are you a big baby!
    Ooops. That wasn’t very sweet. Told you so.

    • OMG—I did not even remember about the gum when I chose Omawarisan/Blurt blog for you. . .but I guess my subconsciousness mind is still a little wary.
      Yes you accepted the award…and your right you aren’t that sweet–but I know how sensitive you are did not want to leave your name off the list…because after all your Cousin Carla and extremely useful and helpful.

      I forgive you about the gum. (Sigh) I feel better now.

  6. Thanks for including me although I am not sweet at all. Random unknown facts about me? Hmm….I can’t think of anything interesting at the moment that is fit to post in public but I will get back to you if I think of anything. Oh, and your mother has never and could not ever look like a whale! 8)

  7. First off I accept this great award with humility and pride to even be thought of as “sweet”..which I have never ever been called. I will try to find an open area in which to display this award. By the way, what the hell is it?? So sorry, a sweet person would not have said that. I’m sure Cynthia will have something to say on this matter. But again, I am humbled by your faith in me to be “sweet”. Amen. 🙂

    • Sweet. Hmmmmmm…. Well, I humbly accept this award. I am scratching my head however, as I do not perceive of myself as sweet. Considerate? Yes. Thoughtful? Of course. Sweet? Nope. Like my mother, I have never been called sweet. Probably not even when I was a baby. Perhaps it is our “humor” that gets in the way. (Do we get a Sweetness Certificate or a bag of marshmallows to memorialize the award?)

    • Carol,

      So glad you accepted your sweet award we are honored to be the first to acknowledge your inner sweetness. Which I’m sure many have noticed but have failed to mention. The jerks. However, I would not hold your breath waiting for the patient award :-). Your award will be presented sometime next week.

    • Cynthia:
      The award will come in due time…you get your patience from you mom, right?
      I am so pleased you have accepted your sweet award–I have tremendous confidence in you to grow your capacity to be sweet–and suspect it’s not a fair leap.

  8. What a fun read about your mom. I have such great admiration for her! You are so fortunate to have had this amazing woman as a role model in your life. You truly have a one of a kind mom, KB! First of all, thank you for clumping me into such an incredibly wonderful group of super sweet over achievers. I am humbled to simply be mentioned on the same page as the likes of all you! Something you don’t know about me. Hmmmm. I was once told by my father that I was the black sheep of the family. I was not as smart, obedient, straight laced, etc., as my siblings. In fact, he was right and it hurt me to the core when he said it. I will NEVER forget it. At the time, I worked hard at being different from my family. I was a rebel! But that one sentence was worse than a slap to the face. We talked about it later (after I “grew up”). I asked him if he remembered saying that to me. He said he did, but he only said it to smack some sense into me. He, in fact, felt I was the most like him of all his kids. Deep down, he laughed at the shenanigans I got into because I reminded him most of himself in his youth. Long story short, it took me a while to grow into any semblance of sweetness. Turns out, I’m a chip off the ‘ol block. Thanks for giving me the floor. Hope I didn’t bore y’all! 🙂

    • …btw, I LOVED the blog you sent me to. Thank you for all the thoughtful things you do, my friend. You help us think and show us we are not alone. Somehow, there’s comfort knowing there are those out there who have lived through the same emotional challenges of an empty nest syndrome and lived to tell..

  9. A sweet award? Awww, you shouldn’t have. But, since you did I will just say thank you before you change your mind.
    I enjoyed the blog you sent me to and it made me laugh when I saw the poor pup in the raincoat. Our cousin has a lab who loves the thunder as much as Chelsea. She purchased one of those thunder shirts. Let’s just say, storm came, shirt was returned.

    Funny how pups react to things. Now Chatham, our fearless lab who could care less of thunderstorms has as you well know other “issues”. But, on the whole, nothing bothers him. No storms, no loud noises. But, if a fly comes into the house, whoooa! He shakes like a leaf. I tell him it’s okay, the fly is gone. Ah, no, he wants to see that sucker and watch it flushed down the toilet. Surprised he doesn’t have me chalk out an outline where the poor thing died.

    Pups…no matter what, love them. Why? Because no matter what, they love you back!

    Thanks again Katybeth for thinking of me.

    • Hey those flies..are scary! The chalk outline made me laugh out loud!
      A plain t-shirt that is snug works as well as a “thunder coat.” It actually does help Rascal.
      Thank you for accepting your sweet award…always my pleasure to think of you.

  10. Firstly may I say that I have never seen a marshmallow that big before. What can I say, nobody does anything like America, not when it comes to size, that’s for sure.
    Secondly, thankyou so much for my sweet award, it’s lovely to be acknowledged now and then, especially when my own children tell me how mean I am when they don’t get their own way. I also thought that ‘ Two flew out of the cuckoos nest’ was perfect for me. I’m going to face that one day and I’m not looking forward to it.
    Something you didn’t know about me? You know all those countless photos I’ve posted and I’m happily posing and smiling, well that wasn’t the case when I was a little tike. My sisters tell me that I was terrified of the camera and couldn’t figure out how images were captured and then printed on paper. I had this fear that one day I would be captured inside the camera and would never be able to escape. Ok, I was only around 3, so give me a break! It also explains why there are only around 3 or 4 photos of me as a young one and I’m not smiling in any of them. I’ve more than made up for it now, ‘cheese’ anyone!

    • Perhaps you were in the witness protection program in another life? Did anyone think of that???
      Great share. Thanks.
      Thank you for accepting your sweet award. Glad you liked Diane’s blog.

  11. Wow, first, I loved reading about your Mom. She is pretty much as wonderful as I thought she’d be (look at you, apples don’t fall far!)

    Second, I am truly honored to be among the sweeties. I am looking forward to checking our the recommended blogs. Have I told you lately how happy I am to have made your friendship? Truly, these past few years have brought me many wonderful new friends, given me thought provoking moments, and brought me up when I was down. Aw shucks, all I can say is thanks friend!

    Love you, Julie

  12. I posted an exceptionally beautiful reply but POOF it’s gone. I will reconstruct my lovely acceptance speech.

    For now, I will say I loved my blogger, thanks for making the connection. God, you really know me!


  13. Swweeet! Ok I am late, I had every intention to post the day you posted this. And the next and even when you ever so gently and sweetly chided me about my award collecting internet dust.. Goodness, I feel like the we should have all made up speeches, I would like to thank the odd family academy for seeing past all my not so well hidden flaws and considering me sweet none the less. ♥ I loved my link, it was beautifully written.

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  15. (a little late to the party here, but. . .)

    Why thank you for my Sweet (and salad 🙂 ) Award! Yes I enjoyed that blog – both for topic and style! And yours, too! Your Sweet Mother is sweet indeed — and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (hahaha, just backed up here looking for something else and see Julianne made the same comment. Apple-parently you are the apple of our eye(s). 🙂 )

  16. Katybeth, speaking of moms and marshmallows, my mother didn’t care about toenails, but she was very big on desserts. When there wasn’t time to make anything else for dessert or snack, she’d put a marshmallow on a soda cracker, stick a pecan half on top, and broil it as a dessert. I always preferred it to the s’mores we had in Girl Scouts.

    Congratulations, Sweets! 🙂

    • Ok…I am laughing since this post showed up from 2011 and I was think about a poem you added to odd on May 21, 2011 for Memo day….I was going to e-mail you about it.
      Your Mom’s dessert sounds very good! I love toasted pecans!

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