Musing: Zucchini Day & Facebook El Morno

Emily's Zucchini Soup!

August 8th, 2011: Zucchini Day
Food of the Day for a Year Goal
Day: #33

Every morning, seven days a week, since June 2009, I have posted El Morno as my Facebook status at around 5:45 a.m. It started out as just a simple El Morno. Facebook friend Cynthia would then comment, and we would tease back and forth about who got the worm first — as in the “early bird gets the worm.” We would chat for a while and move on into our days. Over time, more friends began to join us, and I added a few celebrity birthdays and facts to El Morno, which sometimes we discussed and sometimes we ignored completely.

El Morno became a place to enjoy our first cup of coffee, yawn and be encouraged to have a great day. Our conversations are usually about nothing, and like a much-watched Seinfeld re-run, somehow that is comforting.

Over the last 2 years, El Morno has been posted from Italy, Alaska, and Ireland, and these days, El Morno can last past lunch and usually hosts over 200 comments. We broke our comment record during the Royal Wedding, when our comments topped 1000; and one of our most popular El Morno’s, which refused to die, was about ironing.

I share the same El Morno on Facebook that I share each morning on Odd. It’s a nice way to start my day.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share a typical Facebook El Morno conversation that took place on Monday — Zucchini Day.

El Morno  was posted on both Facebook and My Odd family at 6am. The following conversation took place of Facebook El Morno.

Katybeth : Good Lord. I am late to Zucchini Day–How could that happen!!

Antoinette: Good morning, did someone mention zucchini? Which I just happened to buy in my supermarket shop earlier this evening. I’m going to use it in my soup this week.

Teresa: Why is it weak to let a child pass off zucchini? I’d take zucchini from a child any day! 🙂

Katybeth: Because they take over gardens and multiple so quickly. You can’t give them away or eat them quick enough.

Antoinette: I don’t get it either, I would love home grown zucchini, there’s so many dishes you can make with them zucchini slice is delicious if you can be bothered grating it, which I do in front of the television.

Katybeth: It’s a Zucchini Joke. I have tons of friends who garden and I always have lots of zucchini this time of the year. I always just say thanks. Cole likes to practice throwing it up and slicing it.

Teresa: NO one wants zucchini that gardens?? ???

Katybeth: There tends to be a lot of it–the zucchini plant is the rabbit of gardens…it multiples quickly.

Teresa: I love home grown tomatoes and cucumbers.

Antoinette: yeah, don’t get that one either, a garden without zucchini?

Julianne: Zucchini grows fast and big and takes up the whole garden, at least that’s what my husband adamantly maintains for not planting it. Next year, I will prevail and sneak in a plant.

Antoinette: Julianne, just don’t sneak it amongst the rose plants. I’ve got this thing about vegetables growing in the front yard and I know plenty that do it.

Katybeth: I have about 12 zucchinis that have been brought to me as gifts. Large Zucchinis. I’m so lucky.

Julianne: A little zucchini goes a long way.

Teresa: I’m learning so much about zucchinis. They’re not my favorite, I eat them, but not that much.

Antoinette: Zucchini on their own are pretty bland. You need good olive oil, salt, garlic or onions to get any taste from them.

Julianne: Teresa I bought a new skirt the other day, and thought “Teresa would love this.” How crazy that when I think of you when I skirt shop.

(note to reader–Teresa has longed over many an El Morno to find just the perfect skirt…Julianne on the other hand often posts how she has found the perfect skirt.)

Katybeth: Great!! You had to bring up that you bought a skirt…J

Teresa: I eat them raw with dip. I hardly ever cook them but that sounds good.

Antoinette: Katybeth, make Zucchini Soup! Then just freeze the portions for when it’s cooler weather.

Teresa: I sift through skirt racks left and right now..

Julianne: I have never ever had zucchini soup, never heard of zucchini soup but it does sound good.

Katybeth:  Zucchini Soup???

Julianne: Fried zucchini is wonderful, you can shred in salads too, but my fave is zucchini bread.

Teresa: Love fried zucchini. Even better, fried zucchini while wearing a skirt.


Julianne: That’s it, today I will look for a skirt with zucchinis on it. Wouldn’t that be grand? My lunch mission, I’m loving it!

Katybeth: You could cut one out of fabric and sew it right in the middle of a skirt.

Julianne: Instead of the food of the day it could be the skirt of the day. Oh the devil, I’ve got a plan brewing.

Katybeth: Lord have Mercy.

Teresa: Oh my! I’ve created a monster.

Antoinette: Julianne, please….NO!! It took me a long time to get over seeing women with pumpkins stitched on their clothing.

Julianne: I won’t skirt the issue, but I have got to get a move on. Wish me luck. I will report later on the fruits of my quest!

Teresa: Can you see our friend Julianne, strutting around with a big ol green zucchini on her skirt that Katybeth helped her sew? For the love.

Antoinette: I hope I’m not insulting anyone here when i say that I really dislike any vegetable motifs on clothing. I would personally get on a plane to save Julianne myself.

Teresa: KB’s probably off looking up zucchini patterns. Google, google, zu…Tracing one of her big ass zucchini’s..

Katybeth: I found pattern! Ihave to support the food of the day goal.

Teresa: That’s to eat it, not wear it!! 🙂

Antoinette: Sheesh, Katybeth, just cook it!

Katybeth: I don’t wear vegetables motifs on my clothes. But I do like to fry them.

Antoinette: fry it with a little olive oil and onions. And even better, throw in some bell peppers and eggplant and make a delicious ratatouille.

Teresa: I think it’s too late to save Julianne. She’s buying a Zucchini skirt on her lunch hour although it’s highly unlikely she’ll find one in downtown Chicago. She’d need to hit the suburbs..

Bill: Good morning. We made zucchini slaw yesterday. 

Katybeth: I am toasting a piece of zucchini bread as we type.

Katybeth: We are breaking zucchini bread together!

Antoinette: Have you made the zucchini bread already?

Katybeth: it was a gift. Sheesh its not even 7am.

Antoinette: That’s a gift I wouldn’t mind getting. Have you tried zucchini slice?

Katybeth: No. I have never even heard of Zucchini slice.

Emily: Good morning everyone.. Oh thank you for deterring the vegetable motif clothing.. El Morno fashion interventions.

Teresa: We could make it an El Morno Policy.

Emily: I LOVE zucchini. bread, in soup, fried.. but I made a cold zucchini soup once, it turned out a lovely shade of green and my oldest almost puked. She was maybe 8 at the time, we haven’t had it since. She’s in California, maybe tonight should be the night!

William: I like one particular green soup very much. Split pea soup.

Bill:  I like one particular green soup very much. Split pea soup.

Emily: I like soups in general 🙂 Ready for fall.

Antoinette: Good morning Emily! See, zucchini soup is good, and don’t worry, my son won’t touch it with a six foot pole either.

Stevie: el morno ~ ♥ I don’t eat much Zucchini

Antoinette: Good Morning Stevie!

Emily: Good morning Stevie!

Katybeth: Hi Emily. Hi Stevie.

Nancy: I shred the zucchini and an onion, stir fry it with salt and a lot of ground pepper or I add it to ratatouille.

Antoinette: Hi Nancy.

Nancy: Fried zucchini is delicious dipped in a little ranch dressing.

Katybeth: Hi Nancy.

Julianne: Make no mistake, I would never wear a fruit /veggie skirt, I’m only seeing if they exist. What do you take me for, some kind of nut?

Teresa: Hi Nancy, Hi Emily, Hi Stevie: Thank God Julianne is NOT a zucchini skirt kind of gal. Had all us el mornos worried for a moment there.

Hawk: I am here for el after luncho….does this say something about my sense of timing? HappyZucchini Day You Frisky Field Full of Fillies and Fellers! Hope your various dreams, endeavors and various nefarious explorations are working to your advantage.

Katybeth: A cup of El Morno is good any time of the day—kind of like a kitchen that always has the coffee pot ready for you and a few cookies in the cookie jar

Steve: Hi everyone I like Fried Zucchini.


I am off to take my dear boy to the airport; he is off to Camp Grandparents for a week. I’m dropping him curbside and he will navigate the airports, security and a change of planes in Las Vegas. Not so long ago I was hanging his boarding pass around his neck and handing him over to a stewardess. Time flies.

Hope you have a Wonderful Wednesday.  I will  be back to muse about Rice pudding later today!


Emily’s Soup:Chilled Zucchini Soup with Lemon-Cumin Shrimp and Cilantro Cream
Both parents enjoyed, 1 kid ate a shrimp free bowl and 3 kids begrudgingly ate their required spoonfuls.

Fried Zucchini Recipe

12 thoughts on “Musing: Zucchini Day & Facebook El Morno

  1. Love it! Re-reading it is even better than being in the middle of the conversation, we are a bunch of lovable nutters! Who knew we could make so much out of the humble zucchini! Oh, how I love my daily dose of el morno.

  2. Hilarious! I am always late to the el morno convo – I’ll bllame it on my time zone. I agree, there is something nice and comforting about having that first cup of coffee over el morno conversation, even if I just say “el morno” and quietly read comments, and laugh. 😛

    • We have been meaning to talk to you about being tardy!! It’s nice spending a few minutes with people who really do hope you have and wish you a great day before heading out into the world. Glad you show up

  3. How lucky am I to coffee clutch with friends in Chicago, Australia, California, etc., every day? I love my morning dose of el morno. Zucchini talk is fascinating (as is skirt talk, cheeto talk, boil talk…) LOVE you all!! 🙂

    • Dearest Lady Teresita….who now has more different identities on Odd than James Bond did in all his moves 🙂 One of the top lines up there- “Love fried zucchini. Even better, fried zucchini while wearing a skirt.”

  4. Aw, you’re going to miss Cole! But you’ll fill the empty hours with anything to take your mind off him being gone and before you know it, he’ll be back! Thanks for this delightful glimpse into your El Morno day.

    • I do miss him but love the time he spends with his grandparents. The one’s who insist on feeding him three meals a day and hanging on his every word. I will console myself with the food of the day and pray that squid does not show up!!
      If you are facebook friend me and popped over anytime for a cuppa of El Morno. 😀

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