Oyster Cole Muses

August 5th, 2011: Beer and Oyster Day!
Food Of The Day For A Year Goal
Day: #30

On the way to pick up Cole from computer camp, I stopped to buy Oysters to celebrate today’s food of the day.

Before I left the store, I asked the fishman to put the oysters in a bag of ice because I wasn’t going to be home for a while. He agreed, but as he handed me the bag he told me not to seal it because the oysters need to breathe.


It seems these oysters were very fresh! They would not “officially” die until we popped open their oyster shells.


We were going to have to murder our own food? I looked at the Oysters all huddled together on the ice and wondered if Chicago had an oyster rescue.

On the ride home with Cole, I explained about the Oysters and he wondered if the oysters would be completely dead after we popped open the shell. He didn’t mind murdering them but he did not want to eat them alive.


Once home, a bottle of Budweiser was paired with the oysters, because today is also International Beer Day. My girlfriend neighbor, the one that couldn’t tell the difference between Sara Lee Lasagna and Joe’s Lasagna, moved back to her hometown of St. Louis with her family, but Cole will always remember her for teaching him what the letters Budweiser stand for…not really – she and a few friends made it up at a bar, but I think it’s pretty clever.

resiewduB: Remember-Every-Soldier-In-Every-War-Drank-Unlimited Bud

And now, a video is worth a 1000 more words…at least.

Rest in Peace: Pearl, Ollie, Ernest, Bourbon, Oscar, and last but not least little Slimy.

On a happier note…

Emily celebrated International Beer Day with a six pack of Leffe! Cheers Emily!


Tomorrow a kinder, gentler Odd Holiday: Root beer Float Day!


10 thoughts on “Oyster Cole Muses

  1. Ewww. I could barely watch but I had too.

    The beer looked good! Cole was amazing and what an incredible sport he is…

  2. “Have to murder our own food?” — exactly why I can’t eat oysters. Ok, that and the fact they are incredibly slimy. Ewww.

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