Musing about Milkshakes and Cardboard Straws

Emily's Milkshake Kids!

September 12th: Chocolate Milkshake Day
Food of the Day: One-Year Goal
Day: #68

Milkshakes are good. We all like milkshakes, and they are easy to find and make. I was even able to use one of the cool colorful straws that Emily gave me.

Speaking of straws, today I stopped at Big Bowl to grab a quick and healthy lunch. When I took a sip of my Coke, the straw tasted like cardboard. I asked the server for a real straw; she was nice and thought they might have a few hidden under the counter somewhere. They did, and she brought me one but told me the restaurant was phasing out the plastic straws in a proud effort to be more “green.” Plastic straws were being replaced with biodegradable straws

Well, isn’t that just the straw that broke the camel’s back? What’s next—cardboard swizzle sticks?

Friends are surprised that I’m just now experiencing the switch from evil plastic straws that are not biodegradable and are left to swirl in the middle of the ocean…and oh, by the way, what about all that wasteful paper that straws come wrapped in? I protest. Using origami, I fold the paper from my straw into beautiful swans, birds, and bows while I wait for my meal, amazing and entertaining those dining around me.

Ok, fine. I just wad the paper into a ball and leave it on the table…but if I knew origami, I would turn it into something beautiful. I have no idea how my straw ends up swirling in the ocean choking jellyfish; I promise you that when I am done with mine, I always put it in the garbage.

Can someone please explain to me how a cardboard straw will hold up in a Coke that supposedly will clean the rust off a car battery? If it does hold up, what cancer-causing chemicals has that cardboard straw been treated with….? Pigs should not build straw houses, and people should not drink from cardboard straws. I’m certain of it.

However, knowing that cardboard straws are a trend, I’m going to stick a couple of brightly colored plastic straws in my purse, and if anyone complains, I will just flick’um off.

Plastic, colorful, bendable, crazy, ordinary…what kind straws do you like best—or have you embraced the cardboard straw? Odd Loves Company!


8 thoughts on “Musing about Milkshakes and Cardboard Straws

  1. Oh come now they aren’t THAT BAD and every little bit helps. Do you really want to lose sleep over that jelly fish?? Those milkshake kids are very cute–keep in mind your protecting the future for them! 😀

  2. I actually never come accross biodegradable straws, but I believe you if you said it tasted like cardboard. I will now stick few of my own straw in my purse just in case. 🙂

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