Musing: Cherries Jubilee, Doing One Thing Well

Nathan making Jubille

September 24 Cherries Jubilee Day
Food of the Day for Year Goal
Day: 80

We all need to give Emily’s Nathan a big round of applause. Emily, down and out with a head cold, passed the Food of the Day torch to Nathan, who whisked together cherries jubilee for the Wow family. It was a flaming flambé success.

Cole and I were a little short on brandy and we may have flambéed a little longer than we should have, but I can say we made cherries jubilee that was good enough to eat – and that is pretty amazing.

Let’s muse.

We have a cherry pitter. It sits on my counter quietly, waiting to be needed.

The other day, a friend stopped by to visit. I offered her coffee, tea, iced tea, or hot chocolate. She chose coffee, so I asked her if she would like hazelnut, Donut Hole, French vanilla, or Starbucks blend. She picked Donut Hole.

While I filled my Keurig coffeemaker with water, my friend turned the handle on my cherry pitter and wondered what it did. I told her it pitted cherries. Surprised, she said, “That’s it? That is all it does, pit cherries?”

“Yep, that is all it does,” I answered as I snapped a Donut Hole K-cup into into the Keurig.

Seconds later, her mug was filled with coffee and I was making my hot chocolate. Still perplexed, she asked how often I pitted cherries.

“Not very often,” I answered.

Then she wondered why I kept it if it only pitted cherries; she quoted Alton Brown, the cooking expert who suggests all your kitchen gadgets multitask. One gadget should be able to do a number of different things. This seems to be the new trend toward simplifying and de-cluttering your life…despite the fact that the one gadget often needs a cabinet of its own to hold all its accessories.

I pondered her question. The cherry pitter is solid; it does not have any breakable parts; it does not need to be plugged in, charged, or have batteries; it works by turning a crank. It does not multitask, so it does not need accessories that have to be stored and found before it can be used. It is simple, useful, and dependable.

My cherry pitter reminded me, as I turned its handle pitting cherries for our cherries jubilee, that sometimes just doing one thing well is enough.

Muse with me…by leaving a comment. Do you have any old-fashioned gadgets that help you slow down and take a deep breath? Odd Loves Company….


2 thoughts on “Musing: Cherries Jubilee, Doing One Thing Well

  1. I have an old rolling pin that I just love. It is not fancy but it rolls dough out perfectly and hardly ever sticks. I don’t use it that often but I would never replace it for a newer model.

    A husband that picks up the slack by making Cherries Jubilee is a winner in my book.

  2. I’m pretty sure that I have never had cherries jubilee. It looks wonderful. We have a spatula that I’m very fond of it’s not antique but has been around forever. All spatulas work I guess but this one works really well. 😀 It’s beginning to show some wear but it has a permanent place in my kitchen.

    Video was grape. 🙄

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