Musing: Chocolate Milk Moovelous!

September 27: Chocolate Milk Day
Food of the Day for Year Goal
Day: 83

Cousin Carla muses us about her families love affair with about chocolate Milk and hot chocolate. I whole heartily agree with her–100%!


Bosco, Ovaltine, Hershey’s Syrup, Nestle Quik
Chocolate milk is best when rich and thick.
White milk is fine for cereal and coffee
But chocolate is the only way to drink milk for me.
They’ve created new flavors, banana and strawberry
Just about any fruit, they’ve even got cherry.
Add white milk to Cocoa Pebbles and a miracle happens
The white milk turns chocolate and I’m a huge fan
Keep your juices and your sodas.  They’re not my style.
Chocolate milk is the one that makes me smile!

My babies are now 22 and 19 and they still love chocolate milk.  Last year one of their favorite presents were the Moo Mixers I bought them for their stockings.  This interesting contraption is a plastic, battery powered mug with a fan in the bottom that you pour milk into and then add syrup push the button and the fan spins and churns the ingredients together to make rich delicious chocolate milk.  I am sure you get the same results with a spoon but the Moo Mixer is a lot more fun!

In our house Hershey’s syrup is the king of the ice cold chocolate milk ingredients, but come winter time nothing will do but homemade hot chocolate milk with Hershey’s Cocoa Powder.  For years I did what every other Mom does and bought the little Swiss Miss packets with marshmallows, added water and voila!  Chocolate Milk!  For some reason, guilt or love take your pick, one year when I was out of the packets I decided I would make hot chocolate using the recipe on the side of the can of cocoa powder.  It was so easy I had to wonder if we really needed to simplify it by inventing the packets.  I mixed the sugar, cocoa powder and water, added the milk and a tiny bit of vanilla and poured it into mugs.  Luckily I had mini-marshmallows to top it off with.  It was fantastic!  Leaps and bounds better than the packets.  Worth every second of the maybe 5 minutes it takes to make it.  It has become one of our family traditions that when we decorate the Christmas tree we MUST have home made hot chocolate.


Cole drinks chocolate milk most days and the minute we feel a chill in the air we make hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. There is nothing like watching the snow fall outside while you are warm and cozy with a mug of hot chocolate inside. Emily’s Wow kids, love chocolate milk, but somehow I lost the picture of their cute little chocolate milk mustached mugs, so I will ask for a do over at the first opportunity.

I am adding the moo mixer to Cole’s Christmas list. What a great stocking stuffer idea!

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  1. What a wonderful gift idea. My nieces love chocolate milk! I am adding this to their gift list. I don’t drink Chocolate milk anymore but I do enjoy hot chocolate on a blustery day.

  2. My kids love chocolate milk too! I make a delicious hot cocoa, I follow the recipe on the back of the Ghiredelli chocolate container.

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