Musing: Coffee Ice Cream, Mothers Are….?


Emily's bowl of Coffee Ice Cream

September 6th, 2011: Coffee Ice Cream
Food of the Day:  One-Year Goal
Day: #62

Emily celebrated coffee ice cream day with Breyers ice cream, which she was convinced was coffee flavored and not the real thing. Emmet (Emily’s son) read the label as they spooned down their coffee ice cream and informed her that it was the real thing. I’m pretty sure sacrificing bedtime to meet our food-of-the-day goal earned Emily big-time extra credit points.

Mothers are patient.

Coffee Ice Cream Day fell on the day before school started for Cole, so we headed out to do a little shopping. We didn’t call it “back-to-school” shopping because that would have taken the fun out of the shopping trip. Neither of us looks forward to the start of school.

First stop was Lucky Brand Jeans. The pretty, perky sales associate whisked Cole away from his mother the moment we entered the store, which worked for me. She insisted he needed straighter legs and softer jeans, and that he come out of the dressing room and show her the outfit she had picked out for him to try on. I heard her pronounce the jeans a perfect fit by telling Cole his “butt looked great.” I was needed again when it was time to pay. As we walked out, I whispered to Cole, “Your butt really did look good.”

Mothers are amusing.

Our next stop was The Gap for black and white t-shirts. Soft. No logo. This time, I got lucky—the Gap shirts were on sale.

We moved on to Target for some graphic t-shirts. I laughed out loud at this t-shirt. Cole didn’t…

“Mothers are lame.” 

Cole picked out this one:

And this one:

Do you see a pattern here?

I Liked this one:

We even have a dog named Scooby!  Cole didn’t like it.

Fine, be boring! Boring! BORING!

Mothers are immature.

Next, it was time to shop for some new boxers. I gave Cole his distance. When he was clueless about which pack to buy, I did not suggest that he hold them up to his waist.

Mothers are sensitive.

We paid for our purchases, stopped to spend my last ten dollars at Starbucks, and headed home, weary but successful shoppers.

When we got home, Cole modeled his jeans with a few of his t-shirts, and then gave me a hug to say thanks. I’m not letting him go to school tomorrow. He is mine, all mine!

Mothers are selfish.

On the eve before school started, I went online to check out some t-shirts while I ate a bowl of coffee ice cream.

This one made me smile. I ordered it.

Mothers are priceless.

Now It’s Your Turn!! Mother’s are________________.  Odd Loves Company!


6 thoughts on “Musing: Coffee Ice Cream, Mothers Are….?

  1. Mothers are always there for you! At least mine is. My mother is perfect, always supportive, never judgmental and is always there for me. I am blessed.
    One year, when I was a kid, I decided that I had to have blue suede shoes for my back-to-school shoes. My mother told me there weren’t any in the stores but I insisted that there must be. She took me all over town looking for blue suede shoes but of course there were none to be found. I guess they just weren’t the style that year. I was at a shoe store the other day and saw some blue suede shoes and smiled thinking about what a great mom I have who took me to every shoe store in town trying to find some. I didn’t buy them but I am thinking that I should go back and get them. 8)

  2. Oh gosh.. I can think of so many things.. from the corny (but true) such as Mother is my best friend, mother is such an angel… to the reality of mother is my baby sitter (hehehe) mother is my ATM when I’m short…. basically mother is my hero! She’s my everything!! 🙂

  3. I can remember many years ago when it was cold out, and Stevie’s Mom and I would meet at her house or mine and enjoy coffee with a scoop of coffee ice ccream in it! Yummy We also use to do our Xmas shopping together but that’s a whole other story!!! Mother’s are real troopers!!!

  4. Noah and I went to Target a while ago and we were shopping for socks for him and I called out across the mens’ department, “Do you need panties too, Honey?” A very nice man approached me and quietly whispered to me, “Um, boys don’t like their underwear to be called panties.” right as Noah walked up. When he saw that I was talking to my 21 year old son he just shook his head and walked away. I missed the memo about giving them some distance in the panty department.
    Mothers are clueless.

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