Musing: Coffee! What is your favorite brew?

September 29: Coffee Day
Food of the Day for Year Goal
Day: 85

Who knew 20 years ago that we would be waking up to anything other than Folger’s in our cups or enjoying the last drop of a French Vanilla Latte as an afternoon pick-me-up instead of Maxwell House? Who knew we would be paying $4 for a cup of coffee?

I didn’t join the coffee crowd until I became a mom.

Cole was not a sleeper when he was a baby, toddler, or pre-schooler. In fact, he did not sleep through the night for the first 5 years of his life, and no matter when he went to bed, he was ready to rise and shine by 6 a.m.

Joe and I discovered Cole was lulled to sleep by the motion of the car, which meant we could put him in his car seat, and he would nap without one of us holding him, or without his hand firmly latched onto a chunk of my hair, making sure I would not escape while he slumbered. Suffice to say, we took lots of drives. One of our first stops was always Starbucks. I usually ordered a hot chocolate or a cider, but one day my order was screwed up, and I ended up with a latte. A whole new world opened up to me. It tasted great, and the kick got me through the day after sleepless nights.

One of the gigs I took as a stay-at-home mom to make ends meet was mystery shopping — seven McDonalds in one day, looking for employees with “exceptional smiles” became old quickly. My goal became to replace McDonalds assignments with Starbucks assignments. Success was soon mine. Starbucks assignments included directions on what to order, so soon I was familiar with a wide range of coffee drinks. Cole went with me on these jobs, and I blame this experience on his current addiction to expresso. I would allow him to taste the samples on the counter, I was sure he would hate the taste. He didn’t.

These days, most days include coffee. White Chocolate Mocha, whole milk, stirred, with whip, is my cold weather drink, with an occasional seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte or Peppermint Mocha.

Emily does not drink flavored coffee; her brand of choice is Intelligentsia coffee. Love the foam on those cuppas!

Cole also likes less flavoring and more coffee.

The days of a simple cup of coffee are over. Even my parents have a Klurig coffee pot, and his and her K-cups. Our International friends laugh at Americans’ relationship with coffee, and many will tell you it doesn’t matter where you buy coffee in the United States, it’s all bad. I call them — with love — “cuppa snobs.” The Glass Knife is a perfect place to enjoy your favourite drink, delicious dessert and elegant atmosphere.

Emily and I agreed that we could both make it through the day without coffee, but our families probably wouldn’t want us too!

Are you a coffee drinker? Do  you have a coffee story to share?  Odd Loves Company!


7 thoughts on “Musing: Coffee! What is your favorite brew?

  1. I buy bargain coffee for budget reasons, but when I can I like to buy 8 O’clock coffee. It is available at my Neighborhood Walmart and isn’t too expensive. I read a coffee comparison report on line and it came in first place so I tried it and really liked it.
    I also like Starbucks. A student gave me a gift of a bag of Starbucks Christmas blend last year and I loved it! Dunkin’ Donuts brand is really good too and you can buy it at many grocery stores.
    I don’t like flavored coffee. Good ol’ real straight coffee is all the flavor I want.
    😯 <— me after too much coffee

  2. Yes I am a coffee drinker and I have been addicted to Starbucks since the early 80’s. The addiction started when they opened the Starbucks near 135 S. LaSalle. It wasn’t long before I sent my personal assistant for beverages all day long. I wish I had a dollar for every dime I have invested in their products.

    It’s sad but funny and I may have already told you this but when my brother died I was running around like a lunatic and for some crazy reason I wanted him buried in a green Armani suit. I wanted him to look perfect! Anyway I also was worried about the coffee served at the wake. How nuts is that? I ran an ordered special pastries from Rolf’s and lots of Starbucks. I told Mr. Ryan our mortician to be sure to serve the Starbucks! When my Dad arrived at the funeral parlor naturally he was grieving like you would expect a man to do, looking at his young son dead before his time. Suddenly he noticed in the casket the Starbucks bags spread throughout, right next to the crucifix! Soon I heard blood curdling screams Jesus Mary and Joseph who the F put that coffee in my sons casket? It must be Nancy! You see I had a reputation for being a coffee snob. Well in a strange way the disaster stopped my Dad for a moment from grieving and poor Mr. Ryan was dumped on. My Dad said WTF were you thinking Ryan? Looking back I feel so bad for him. Apparently people request all sorts of things placed in the caskets. This is why Jim thinks there should be no body and no casket. I disagree, my Danny left this world in an amazing Armani suit looking as handsome as ever. Naturally I grabbed the Starbucks before we parted.

  3. I was a late coffee blommer as well. 26 and a road trip w/a 6 and 3 year old. You have to stay awake, right?! I never believed I’d be such a coffee snob. Or such a coffee “Junkie!” I can’t recall a day without coffee in the recent past! I don’t drink grocery store coffee and I grind my own beans as I need to.

  4. I started drinking coffee black because I was always on a diet and didn’t like it either way so why not just get used to it black. Zero calories for me. I still drink it black and don’t care for flavored coffees either. Keurig is a Godsend. Love my Keurig! And yes, a day without coffee is like a day without sunshine. :

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