Musing: Crab Newburg Day, Facebook Timeline

September 25: Crab Meat Newburg
Food of the Day for Year Goal
Day 81

Emily’s youngest wow kid was not impressed by Crab Meat Newburg. I was pretty impressed that she even tried it. Cole and I gave Crab Meat Newburg a thumbs up but I still don’t think it will be back on our menu anytime soon.

Emily's Crab Newburg

I’m a very heavy Facebook user. I spend a lot of time at home with my campers and enjoy the company Facebook provides. Every morning (24/7) at around 5:30 a.m., I post El Morno on Odd and on my personal Facebook page. I visit with friends between sips of coffee, letting out campers and getting ready to take Cole to school at 7 a.m. When I come home, I’m on and off Facebook most of the day, sometimes more and sometimes less depending on what’s going on.

Over the last few weeks, Facebook has been making design changes. One of these changes is a “timeline,” which will roll out slowly to all users. I took the option to follow a few steps and sign up for the timeline early. The timeline allows you to go all the way back to your very first Facebook post.

Joe died on June 2, 2009. Some people, when faced with sudden trauma, have memory lapses, but in my case my memory was heightened, and I can remember every single moment of June 2, 2009. I can recall the paramedics’ names. I remember what my brother-in-laws were wearing and where they were sitting when the doctor told us Joe had died. I can recall in what sequence I talked to people. But what I could not remember is what my days had been like prior to Joe dying.

I scrolled back on my Facebook timeline to the night of June 1. It read: What’s next?

The morning of June 2 at 7:18 a.m. my status update was dramatic: I just dropped my coffee, and my favorite mug shattered. This could ruin my whole morning.

Three hours later my life shattered.

Even if you are not a Facebook user it might be helpful if you are facing the “what next” question in your life (as many of us are) to take a scroll back in time, noticing what was important to you then compared to now, what you are holding onto that is weighing you down, what still works for you, and what future posts you want to show up on your timeline.

Emily’s youngest does not have a Facebook account (she is only 5) but if she did I’m pretty sure she would write “Mom made Crab Newburg–I hope she never makes it again.” Will she still feel the same way in 20 years? Stick around and we’ll find out!

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3 thoughts on “Musing: Crab Newburg Day, Facebook Timeline

  1. I like all your posts but it always feels like a treat when your muse’s included Joe and what you have learned since he died. I have learned so much from your openness and honesty and now respond to friends who lose loved one very differently.
    Thanks for taking me along on your journey.

    Claire ♥

  2. I have heard a lot about the FB timeline it will be interesting to see how it works.
    The things that you think matters shift dramatically during your life it’s important to keep your eye on the important stuff.

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