Musing: Punch- Do You Love, Like, or Loathe?

September 20: Punch Day
Food of the Day: One Year Goal
Day: 76

Okay. I just randomly selected a food of the day to ask Cousin Carla to write about because I have fallen so far behind in my musing. I never dreamed that Carla had such strong feelings about punch! Hated punch! Despised punch. Now I find it rather hard to post this picture of the punch Emily made… It is frothy ginger ale sherbet punch….

BUT it’s served in sensible mugs and that just might appease Cousin Carla. If it doesn’t, Emily, you swing while I try to distract her with Trident Gum! If it doesn’t work RUN.

There are no words to describe how much I despise punch.  The concept of punch, the serving of punch, the preparing of punch I find it all repulsive. When I got married (the first time) it was common to select some second tier friend to man the punch bowl.  To this day I am not sure exactly why someone needed to stay by the punch the whole night, in fact I’m not even sure I served punch.  I can assure that if I was ever asked to man the punch bowl (or the guestbook for that matter) I would definitely decline.

I received a punch bowl for a wedding present.  It was the largest most cumbersome bowl with a gigantic plastic ladle that almost immediately formed some kind of film over it that made it creamy colored rather than clear.  There was absolutely no place to store this monstrosity.  It wouldn’t fit in any cabinet in the kitchen and took up an entire shelf in any closet.  I am not even going to get into the little glass cups that came with it.  Just writing about it makes me frustrated.  Why?  Why would anyone buy this for me?  I certainly didn’t register for it.  Did someone walk through a store see this hideous thing and think of me?  Why?  What did I ever do to deserve this punch bowl?

I hate punch.  Mixing juice, soda and ice cream (or sherbet) is yucky.

I have seen all kinds of punches, most of them red.

Most of them incorporate ingredients we would never drink alone, including things like Hawaiian Punch, Frozen Lime Ade concentrate, Ginger Ale, Lime Sherbet.  C’mon when is the last time anyone actually drank any of these beverages alone?  Mixing them together is not the key to making them drinkable, I can promise you that.  Also, why is there always some kind of foam or froth on the top of the punch?  Is that to hide what is inside?

Then we have to touch on the difficulty of serving the punch.  For some reason the ladle is always wider than the cup and punch spills all over the place staining whatever it touches.  Sometimes people feel the need to float a gigantic ice ring in the punch making it even more difficult to serve and almost impossible to get the giant bowl mare than half empty.

Then of course, there is the refilling of the punch bowl, trying to figure out just what percentage of soda goes in to what amount of punch and will it matter if you use the whole can of concentrate?  It’s a mess.

I’m not sure I am the person to write about punch.  I have a bad attitude about it.  It makes me want to punch the person making punch.


I like punch. It’s festive and tasty. It say’s PARTY!  Do you loathe or love punch? Or are you one of those mild manner “liker’s”….Odd Loves Company!


P.S.: Cousin Carla, I hope nobody in the family gave you that punch bowl as a wedding present… OX!

8 thoughts on “Musing: Punch- Do You Love, Like, or Loathe?

  1. Missed El Morno but seems I made it in time to have a glass of punch.
    I’m neutral–it is messy, and sticky but it is also tasty. And I have to admit despite the fact it would have to be stored under the bed I have always wanted a punch bowl set. Useless I know and even a little tacky but those little glasses are so cute. Sorry Carla.

  2. You are hilarious. The absolute hatred of punch comes streaming through your keyboard like I cannot believe!! YOu had me laughing out loud!! I think you should canvas all of us for things they hate as much as you hate punch!! Would be funny!

  3. This is too funny!! And I actually was drinking punch as I read this! I don’t know how I feel about it, just okay I guess. never really thought to put it into perspective. 🙂

  4. Looking at that picture reminded me of another thing I hate about punch! People freeze little pieces and chunks of fruit in those giant ice rings and when the ice melts you get bits of fruit in what you thought was a normal drink. Of course you can’t see anything because of the dreaded foam on the top so you almost choke to death on the chunks unless you strain the punch between your teeth as you drink!
    GOD I hate punch!

  5. OMG genes will tell. I share my nieces aversion to punch!
    It’s messy and so sweet your lips purse. God forbid a drop lands on what your wearing, you’ll never get the stain out. Yup, I hate punch too.

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