Musings: September 11, 2001 and Hot Cross Buns

September 11, Hot Cross Bun Day
Food of the Day:  One-Year Goal
Day: #67

Someone needs to tell someone that Hot Cross Bun Day is on September 11 and not just on Good Friday because they were impossible to find.

Emily however persevered and came through…picture at the top of Odd.

I made popovers, and using a little icing, I added a cross to them.

Coincidentally, Hot Cross Bun Day was created on September 11 before September 11, 2001.


My friend Hawk wrote this on Facebook, and as I ate my hot cross popover, I read it aloud. It’s beautiful.

A mindful day.
Today I remember that the past is the past and that today I can love everyone.
I can forgive all, including myself, and walk forward in the knowledge that ignorance does not become me.
I can live in compassion and know that “My Being” is what I am teaching the world.
Let me, let us all, “Be Peace.”

The media coined phrase “Never Forget” angers me. Why not “always remember” that while thousands died, a nation united. We hung our flags and hugged our families. Blame was suspended, and thousands of people reached out from countries around the world to share our grief and offer their support. United we stood.

The images of the fireman holding his hat, the devastated faces of people and canines when nothing more could be done . . . I do not need the media to remind me not to forget.

I honored 9/11 by be being especially grateful for my family and acknowledging those I love. I marked the day with random acts of kindness. I forgave and forgot, laughed more and cried less. When I honor, appreciate, and love what I have . . . I honor what others have loved, appreciated, and lost.

Peace be with us all.