Mussing: Blueberry Popsicles and Rants


September 2, 2011: Blueberry Popsicle Day
Food of the Day for a One-Year Goal
Day: #58

Blueberry Popsicle Day? Really? Who eats blueberry popsicles? Cherry, orange, grape are the correct flavors for popsicles. Blueberry popsicles are pretending they are “healthy”, but they aren’t a bit healthier than a cherry popsicle — unless they are homemade with yogurt and fresh blueberries. Emily’s children (above) do look awfully happy eating their blueberry popsicle’s but the popsicles kind of look like a grape popsicles….don’t they? Notice how the children’s clothes match their popsicles? I think, this is to distract you from looking at their popsicles to closely. I hope they are grape popsicles!

Blueberry popsicles are all wrong, and I think they should only be allowed to be frozen fruit bars.

Do you know what else I’m against?

People who smell. I was at the grocery store the other day standing in line behind a nicely dressed woman that smelled . . . badly. There is no reason for anyone to smell. Soap is cheap.

People who walk their dogs without a leash and allow them to run up to my leashed dog while screaming, “Don’t worry my dog is friendly” and are surprised when my dog wants to rip their dog’s ear off, and I snarl, “Get your dog under control.”

People who e-mail me and when I don’t immediately respond, leave a voicemail message that starts off with “In case you did not get my e-mail message . . . ,” followed by a text message that says “In case you did not get my e-mail and phone call . . .,” followed by a Facebook message that says “In case you did not get my phone call, voicemail, and text message . . . ,” all in the span of 20 minutes!

People who park in front of mailboxes, preventing me from mailing my letter in the mail slot from my car.

Fast food restaurants that hire employees to work the takeout window who cannot speak English.

Self-service check-out lanes in grocery stores that instruct you to return your item to the bagging area when your item has clearly never left the bagging area.

People who dawdle at crosswalks. I know they have the right of way; I respect the fact that they have the right of way . . . they have nothing to prove to me, so move it thank you.

Anyone who comments on how much sugar I put in my ice tea.

Wow. The whole idea of a blueberry popsicle being all wrong was just the tip of the iceberg. Who knew I had so much more to share? Thank you for reading. Would you like to share what you are against? Tuesday is rant day, so go ahead! I promise to support your pet peeve and not to bring up the word gratitude once.


4 thoughts on “Mussing: Blueberry Popsicles and Rants

  1. I agree blueberry popsicles taste a lot like grape popsicles. I get really annoyed by people who drive in front of me in traffic with their blinker on when they have no intention of changing lines or existing. Don’t they hear it? Or are they just the laziest people in the world and can’t be bothered to reach up and turn it off. Small thing in the big picture but irksome none the less.

  2. I have stinky people too, like you said there’s no reason to have bad smell, soap really is not that expensive. There’s (husband) relative that stink really bad and on one shopping trip I try to talk about soap, lotions and fresh scent powder, her respond was “I hate that stuff.” Oh well!!

  3. I don’t like it when people claim they have the most sensitive noses and any sort of perfume offends them. Then you go to their house and the smell of cat urine is so strong it makes you gag and want to throw up!!!!

  4. I really get pi**ed off when the person driving in front of me waiits UNTIL they are turning to put their blinker on!.Is that such a hard task to do, for crying out loud? Also, people with about 20 items in their carts in the 10 or less line. Can’t they read or are they just too important for that to concern them? When I was younger and worked as a checker at K-Mart, I told one young snippet that it was for only 10 items and she needed to go to another line…Didn’t go over too well, but hey… the damn sign!!

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