September 19:Talk Like A Pirate, Butterscotch Pudding Day

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September 19, 2011

★~ Sunrise: Todays beautiful sunrise is brought to us by Emily

★~ Today’s Quote: “A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”  John Keats

★~ Talk Like A Pirate Day:

Ye who desires to talk like er pirate, look no further for today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Tell all ye mateys — let ye true pirate shine. Plan t’celebrate by talking like a pirate all day.

John Baur and Mark Summers created the concept of International Talk Like a Pirate Day on June 6, 1995. While playing racquetball, they began to talk to each other in Pirate-speak”. After leaving the court, they decided that there was a need to create this day. After much thought, Mark Summers selected September 19th as the date. This was his wife’s birthday. So, he thought it would be an easy date to remember. And so, International Talk Like a Pirate Day was born.

It’s really temptin’ t’ let this get out o’ hand but you’d be wise t’ keep your “arrrrrs” and “yo ho hos” under control, matey, or by sundown your nearest and Ahoy!est will have you walkin’ t’ plank ”

★~Butterscotch Pudding Day:

Here is a very simple butterscotch pudding recipe.

Ingredients for Butterscotch Pudding Recipe:

¾ cup corn syrup
2-¼ cups milk
1/3 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoons Argo or Kingsford’s Cornstarch
6 drops vanilla
½ tablespoon butter

Scald the corn syrup and milk.
Add butter, salt and cornstarch dissolved in an equal quantity of cold milk.
Cook in a double boiler, stirring constantly until thickened,
Add vanilla, chill, mould, and serve with sweetened cream.

Did you know that pirates had a real sweet tooth for butterscotch pudding? I have no idea if that is true or not but it could be true…and that is good enough for me.

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1819 – It was such a beautiful fall day that poet John Keats was inspired to take out pen and pad. He inked one of the best-loved English poems,Ode to Autumn.

♥~ 1876 – We are reminded that Melville R. Bissell of Grand Rapids, MI patented the carpet sweeper on this day. The name, Bissell, became synonymous with carpet sweepers during the first half of the 20th century — much like Frigidaire and refrigerator, Jell-O and gelatin dessert.

♥~ 1935- It was just an average day this day in 1935, when Just Plain Bill was first heard on CBS radio. It was “The real life story of people just like people we all know.” The 15-minute show (Monday through Friday at 7:15 p.m.) was all about (just plain) Bill Davidson and his daughter, Nancy, who lived in (just plain) Hartville. Since Bill was the town barber, everybody came to him with their problems — and Bill helped them straighten things out. Instead of playing the usual organ, as a first, Hal Brown played harmonica and whistled the Just Plain Bill introduction music (Darling Nellie Gray). Hal also handled the closing theme (Polly Wolly Doodle) in the same manner. The show, created by Frank and Anne Hummert, l chalked up a total of 20 years on the air.

♥~ 1970 – She could turn the world on with her smile. The Mary Tyler Moore Show was seen for the first time on CBS-TV. It became one of the most successful television shows of the 1970s. The last, original episode aired on September 3, 1977.

♥~ 1974 – Eric Clapton received a gold record for I Shot the Sheriff. The song reached #1 on the pop charts on September 14th.

♥~1982 – 🙂 ‘Smiley’, the first ‘emoticon’ was used in an email posting on this day. Scott E. Fahlman, in a bulletin board discussion at Carnegie Mellon University, wrote, “I propose the following character sequence for joke markers: :-). Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things that are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use :-(.”

♥~ 1991 –“Iceman” Mummy Discovered. At 10,531 feet in the Austrian-Italian Alps, two hikers discovered a 5,300-year-old frozen mummy from late Neolithic times. The man carried rough bow and arrows as well as a copper axe and wore a grass cloak for warmth. His shoes were made from bearskin, deer hide and tree bark.  Hs the oldest mummified human body ever found intact — some 5000 years old. And his few remaining scalp hairs provided the earliest archaeological evidence of haircutting. He also had number of ‘points’ tattooed on his body, 80% of which are considered valid modern acupuncture points and dates acupuncture back to at least 3300 B.C.He now rests as a frozen exhibit at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology at Bolzano, Italy. The “Iceman” was gently thawed in September 2000 in order for scientists to conduct valuable DNA analysis and determine his last meal.

♥~ 1998 – At the 22nd annual Oktoberfest in Cincinnati 25,000 kazoos were distributed in an attempt to set a Guinness record for the ‘World’s Largest Kazoo Band’.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1932 – Mike Royko journalist:  Syndicated columnist to more than 600 newspapers nationwide, Pulitzer Prize winner and author (Boss, Slats Grobnick). Born at Chicago, IL, he died there, Apr 29, 1997

♥~ 1940 – Paul Williams songwriter: themes: The Love Boat, The Muppet Movie; Academy Award-winning lyricist: A Star Is Born [1976: w/Barbra Streisand]; actor: Smokey and the Bandit series, Battle for the Planet of the Apes, The Wild Wild West Revisited, The Paul Williams Show, The Night They Saved Christmas, The Doors, Hart to Hart Returns

♥~ 1948 Jeremy (John) Irons Academy Award-winning actor: Reversal of Fortune [1990]; Emmy Award: supporting actor: Elizabeth I [2006]; Die Hard: With a Vengeance,House of Spirits, M. Butterfly, Damage, Dead Ringers, The French Lieutenant’s Woman; voice of Scar: Lion King

♥~ 1949 Twiggy (Leslie Hornby) fashion model: mini-skirt; actress: The Boy Friend, Madame Sousatzka, Body Bags, The Princesses

♥~ 1958 Kevin Hooks actor: The White Shadow, He’s the Mayor, Innerspace, Can You Hear the Laughter?/The Story of Freddie Prinze, Aaron Loves Angela, Sounder; director: Fled, Passenger 57, Murder Without Motive, Strictly Business, Roots: The Gift

♥~ 1964 – Trisha Yearwood singer: She’s in Love with the Boy, The Song Remembers When, Wrong Side of Memphis, Believe Me Baby [I Lied], How Do I Live, Inside Out

♥~ 1976 – Alison Sweeney actress: Night Sins, The End of Innocence, You Ruined My Life, The Price of Life, Days of Our Lives

★~ Did You Know: 

♥~ Pirates may have thrown men overboard, but no one was ever known to have “walked the plank”. Again, this one is a Hollywood myth.

♥~ Pirates were known for chasing after busty wenches in Caribbean ports.! The belief that pirates often dressed in loose clothing, guzzled rum and then smashed the empty bottles is also fairly accurate. However, there were a few “gentlemen” pirates who were above such rude behavior, or at least they were a little more discreet in their rum drinking and wench chasing.

♥~ Lady Ching Shih, once a prostitute, became one of the most powerful pirates to have ever sailed the ocean blue. She commanded one of the most formidable pirate fleets in all of China during the early 1800s, with hundreds of ships under her command.

♥~ Pirates pierced their ears, not to look suave, but because it was believed that piercing the ears with such precious metals as silver and gold, improved one’s eyesight. Even relatively respectable sea faring men indulged in the practice.

♥~ As early as 1611 there are written accounts describing a person who brings bad luck to a ship as a “Jonah”. If a man was marked as a Jonah, he was doomed to be thrown overboard. If the trouble persisted, the pirates suspected they’d thrown the wrong man overboard and would sometimes toss the original accuser overboard to appease the ghost of the innocent man!
♥~ Every pirate ship had it’s own Code of Conduct specified by the pirate captain. While stealing was the pirate’s job, stealing amongst shipmates was severely punished. Some boats had a “zero tolerance” policy for internal theft that left you dead or marooned if caught.

♥~ No one has actually ever found a real pirate’s buried treasure map. Never too far from death, most pirates tried to enjoy their money quickly. At any rate, there aren’t any maps around today, unless some are still cleverly hidden.

♥~ Throughout history some women have always preferred knives to knitting needles. Anne Bonny went from a privileged daughter of a rich plantation owner to a ruthless pirate. Not wanting to live the “subservient” life expected by women during her day, Anne won over the respect of her pirate crew members with her murderous and capable ways. She eventually became best friends with another fierce female pirate, Mary Read.


Hope you have a wonderful Pirates Monday. Be back to muse in a little bit. if you have an El Morno moment I hope you will leave a comment. Odd Loves Company!


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    Butterscotch pudding was always one of my comfort foods before my hips got too comforted. 🙂

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