Musing: Greasy Food Day – BUTTER! God’s Gift To All Foods

Emily's Greasy Fries

Oct:25 Greasy Food Day
Food of the Day for Year Goal
Day: 111

I am not sure how my Dear Cousin and her delightful offspring are tackling this food of the day thing. Myself? I’m not a very adventurous eater. I like to be able to identify my proteins. The only thing I want to eat that tastes like chicken is chicken. In fact, in our house we do all kinds of things with chicken. We bake it, broil it, bar-b-que it, marinate it and grill it. We make chicken spaghetti, chicken fajitas, chicken salad and chicken burritos. Believe me Forrest Gump’s friend Bubba and his shrimp have nothing on me and my chicken.

The favorite around our house though is fried chicken.

Maybe it’s because we live south of the Mason-Dixon line.  There are many theories about fried chicken.  Southern cooks will tell you that the key is to fry it in lard.  Others will tell you it is best in peanut oil.  The truth is that we like it to be crisp and crunchy and that way we can fool ourselves into forgetting that it just took a grease bath for thirty minutes before we started eating it.  We tell our selves that the chicken didn’t absorb all of that oil.  It may actually be good for us.  That’s why we serve it with wholesome and delicious fresh green beans.  Of course, we pour bacon grease into the beans to make them taste better, but that’s not too bad for us, right?  Since vegetables are so good for us we may as well chop up some okra.  It’s a little slimy but once we bread it and fry it, it will be delicious.  Yum vegetables!!  What the hell!  While we’re at it we may as well slice up some pickles, bread ’em and throw them in the hot oil too.

Now, before you think we just fry up everything and that is how we get our greasy food intake, let me correct that misconception.  Macaroni and Cheese!  Not boxed, with the powder stuff.  That is no where near greasy enough for us.  We like it homemade with plenty of butter and cheese.  Baked so that the cheese-y goodness leaves a greasy mark on your plate long after the last bite has slid down your throat to coagulate neatly in your stomach next to the chicken and veggies.

While it is hard to pass up delicious treats like a deep fried twinkie or fried snickers bar, there are plenty of other ways to get that essential greasy nutrient that we all crave.  BUTTER!!  God’s gift to all foods.  Its great on melted on vegetables, herb butter really adds a little kick to a steak, butter pecan ice cream is a delightful treat.  There is nothing that a little butter can’t make better.  There is no food that we can’t make a little more greasy and delicious.

I’m not sure what your favorite greasy food is but you’re seriously cheating yourself if you are not enjoying it on a regular basis.

To answer Cousin Carla question: “I’m not sure where Dear Cousin and her delightful offspring are tackling this food of the day thing?”

We are going all the way….

Corn Dog Goodness

Fried Dough--before the powdered sugar.....

Apple Cider Doughnuts....thought we needed a little fruit.

Thanks for musing Cousin Carla! Cole and I will swear you make mighty fine fried chicken!

What do you toss in the frying pan? Muse with us Odd Loves Company!

6 thoughts on “Musing: Greasy Food Day – BUTTER! God’s Gift To All Foods

  1. Butter does make everything doubt about it. I have not made fried chicken in years but everyone once in awhile pick it up at Popeye’s. YUM. I also love onion rings.

  2. My mother still fries her chicken with lard. It melts in your mouth and I had to laugh out loud because she always makes sure she serves with heathy green beans or corn and mashed potatoes. I also love fried chicken cold the next day with bread and butter for lunch.
    Butter there will never be a substitute.

  3. Paula Deen amaze me on how she can tells the difference on butter and margarine. But yeah.. no subs for butter!! And fried makes everything better! 🙂

  4. Ohhh fried chicken, okra and mashed potatoes! It just does not get a lot better.
    I have never had a fried twinkie but I would like too.
    I know the substitute butter is better for you and maybe it’s ok on toast but not for baking or a baked potato. For frying-I use Crisco.

    I am going to fry up burgers tonight.

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