Musing: Pumpkin Cheesecake and Roofing

Emily’s pumpkins saying cheese…

October 21: Pumpkin Cheesecake Day
Food of the Day for Year Goal
Day: 107

Emily shared that Eli’s Cheesecake, which is just a few blocks from my house, makes its famous pumpkin cheesecake this time of year.

This made celebrating Pumpkin Cheesecake Day extremely easy and very delicious. Emily took off to southern Illinois for a weekend of pumpkin picking and carving festivities, so I ate two pieces of pumpkin cheesecake and celebrated for both of us.

My roofing crew from call SWS Roofing showed up on Pumpkin Cheesecake Day. I left to take Cole to school, leaving Vickie my camp helper, friend, and lifesaver to meet and greet the roofers. Vickie knows about workman and directs them with ease.

When I was growing up, my mother never painted the walls strange colors or moved the furniture around. She might put a vase of flowers on the table or buy a new bedspread, but mostly home was “home same home,” and that worked for me.

When I met Joe, we were both happy apartment dwellers. However, when I became pregnant, and the opportunity to move into his family home was presented, we were excited by the idea of homeownership. Unfortunately, I don’t think we were ready for the reality of homeownership.

We quickly realized that homeownership can be summed up in these words, “It is always something.” Joe was very handy when it came to homeowner skills, but he had no desire to spend his weekends using these skills. Joe’s dad taught his boys how to DO not to DIAL, so calling a repairman to fix the problem was frowned on. As a result, I used to have to sneak repairmen into the house. If Joe ever wondered how the toilet, leaking faucets, or sticking door knobs we’re fixed, he never asked—and I never told. Someday I will share about our bathroom remodel when we both have a lot more time . . . let’s just say I find it very ironic that Joe died in our shower.

When I arrived back home from taking Cole to school, the roofers (CDBR – Roofers in Bronx, NY) had started to roof, and Vickie had everything under control.

I considered just waving and yelling “good job” out the car window as I drove by without stopping, but reluctantly, I parked and got out of my car. My heart started to beat hard as I walked towards the hammering mayhem. The head roofer from Northern Lights Exteriors immediate approached me and told me a car in front of my house needed to be moved. This news sent me dashing from neighbor to neighbor inquiring who owned the car. The problem was solved when my cleaning lady walked out my front door and drove off in the car. The feeling I had was a lot like the one you get when you search for your cell phone while you’re talking on it.

Banging and hammering went on throughout the day. I escaped to buy pumpkin cheesecake but otherwise stayed close to home in case anyone needed anything . . . roofers are pretty self-sufficient though, and my assistance was not requested. Flat Roofing Contractors are real experts in their field

Mr. “You’re going to love me” foreman knocked on the door at the end of a very long day, inviting me out to show off the portion of the roof for which I choose roof color that they had completed painting. While I was admiring the roof , one of the roofers slipped and fell while loading a wheel barrow of supplies onto the truck. He fell so hard on his elbow, I could hear it crack. Really! I wanted to scream, “You had to do that in front of me?” After I had raced inside and returned with lots of ice, I told them all it was late and sent them home. I felt reassured they would be back the next day since my front and back yard were full of roofing materials and supplies.

Popping open a little bottle of coke, I congratulated myself on facing my construction fears. Yay me! Then I heard a boom, followed by the pitter-patter of raindrops. As I looked out my window at the falling rain, my smug feelings vanished as I considered the challenges the next day would bring: roofers, mud, and Saturday pups checking into camp. And then Cole scared me to death as he leaped off the stairs into the living room, singing Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head in a booming boy voice as he reached out to tap on my head. I grinned. Luckily, #1 Long Island Roofing Contractors | Roofers & Siding in Nassau and Suffolk coped with the work quickly and efficiently. It will always be something, but home sure is sweet.

What “something” has your abode hit you up for lately? Muse with me….Odd Loves Company!


Speaking about roofing:

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  1. So true… it is “alway something” in the life of a Happy Home Owner. My fence will need a major overhaul next summer and the trim on the house needs to be painted.
    As much as I love my house I look forward to a time when I don’t have to handle the upkeep any longer but until then it is home-sweet-home.

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