Musing: Seafood Bisque and Rainy Days

Oct 19: Seafood Bisque
Food of the Day for Year Goal
Day: 105

Emily saw the Seafood Stew at Trader Joe’s and seized the moment.

Wednesday was a rainy blustery day in Chicago.

The rain was coming down in rushing rivets.

After I dropped Cole off at school, I decided to buy a Starbucks and head over to my favorite cemetery and muse for awhile…

I was recently asked why Joe was cremated when I enjoy cemeteries so much.

Is this a why question?  I offered the short answer that Joe had told me that he had felt cremation was the “way to go.” So that is the way he went.

Cole wondered not too long ago if we knew or had a feeling when we were going to die. Funny, I had been thinking about that very question myself. Maybe. I can remember Joe showing me where he kept some important papers a couple of weeks before he died. I remember catching him standing in Cole’s room watching him while he slept, three nights before he died, and when I asked what he was doing he said, “Just looking at him. I never get tired of looking at this kid.” I remember he was frustrated with the pulled pork that he had made the weekend before he died, announcing dramatically, “I’ll never get the barbecue seasoning right.” I remember laughing and telling him that there was always next year.

As I drove out of the cemetery, a coyote came out of the brush. It had been a long time since I had seen a coyote at the cemetery (picture 1/2010). He looked strong, fat, and had a good coat. I tried to take his picture but he vanished before I had the chance.

As I drove out of the cemetery, Knocking on Heaven’s Door came on the radio. I knew that it would. It was nice not to be disappointed.

Wednesday was a melancholy day, but sometimes the spirit needs those kinds of days. It was the perfect day for seafood bisque. I stopped at Whole Foods and bought some for lunch.

Muse with me… Odd Loves Company!


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