October 18: Chocolate Cupcake Day

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October 18, 2011

★~It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day!

Who would have thought that cupcakes would change the way we baked? Prior to cupcakes, ingredients used in baking were primarily weighed rather than measured. These delightful little treats shifted the art of baking from weighing to measuring ingredients.

For many years, cupcakes were known as “one-two-three-four cakes” because of their recipe: one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, three cups of flour, four eggs – plus one cup of milk and one spoon full of baking soda. This formula is still the traditional cupcake recipe that many people use today.

Fun fact: The world’s largest cupcake was on display in July of 2009 at the Covent Garden Real Food Market in London. This cupcake was about four feet in diameter and weighed over 330 pounds! It also contained 200 eggs and took over 50 hours to make. Yikes!

Today is easy to celebrate. Enjoy a chocolate cupcake! Here is a link to a recipe for fabulous cupcakes!


I blew it and fell asleep last night in the big chair while typing El Morno. Which meant…this morno there was no El Morno! However, I could not let the morning go by without letting you all know that today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day! I mean, really, what kind of terrible blogger would I be if I kept that information all to myself? So I beseech you – please go forth this day and dream as if you will live forever…but eat cupcakes as though you might die today.

On that note… What kind of cupcake will you have? Odd Loves Company!!


10 thoughts on “October 18: Chocolate Cupcake Day

  1. Awe Katybeth, a chocolate cupcake day is one that I would love to celebrate. Hope you are well rested now and are headed for a great memoriable day.♥♥♥

  2. Thank God. I can not believe how close we all came to missing Chocolate Cupcake day because you decided to snore off on us. Cupcakes (all kinds, all types ) are my thing.

  3. I’m having white cake with buttercream frosting today, but I’d love a chocolate cupcake! When I checked this morning and El Morno wasn’t there, I wondered if y’all were having bad weather. Glad to hear it was just you taking a needed snooze!!

    • Well you celebrated the cake part of the day…that counts..kind of. You know it’s bad when your kid comes over taps you, takes the lap top off your lap and suggests you go to bed…I am going for early tonight too but El Morno is done.

  4. I had no idea today was Chocolate Cupcake Day. But I’m glad you discovered Abby Dodge’s fantastic Emergency Cupcakes over at the blog. They are nothing short of fabulous.

  5. I polished off the last of a flourless chocolate cake today. It wasn’t a cupcake, but I had whittled it down to cupcake size. That can count, right?

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