Muse: Chocolate Mousse Day & Moussing Around

November 30: Chocolate Mousse Day
Food of the Day for Year Goal
Day: 148

The Moose up ^ above is a Moose I found in Alaska but they would not let me bring him home. I told the park ranger he was my long, lost moose and he missed Chicago terribly. The park ranger just nodded and said,”Lady you don’t know how many times I’ve heard that story.The moose stays here.” I was mosserable when I had to leave Alaska without my moose.  I don’t want to talk about it….

Lets muse about Chocolate Mousse Day.

Emily celebrate Chocolate Mousse Day! Look at those happy children! If I am not moostaken the middle child has almost disappeared into his cup.

I was planning to make Chocolate Mousse. I imagined it would like this…

It might have looked like this…

In my dreams it looked like this….

but it ended up looking like this…

I know,I know! I should not have moussed around but I had a can of Mousse handy, Rascal was sitting right there and well you know how it is…sometimes these things just happen.

4 thoughts on “Muse: Chocolate Mousse Day & Moussing Around

  1. So funny. I love your stories. Never boring and always a surprise. Rascal is such a good sport but I suppose she loves the fun of it all too!

  2. Cute kids, patient and adorable Racal and mousse that looks good enough to eat. If you had made it 🙂

    That Alaska Moose does look like he longs for city life….it’s a shame the park ranger just did not get his inner yearnings. Poor Moose he must feel so misunderstood.

  3. Ohh…I love the picture of Rascal!! What that pup puts up with..she is amazing. Doesn’t she ever just reach and bite you?? Love Emily’s children enthusiasm!

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