Musing: Fabulous French Toast

November 28: French Toast Day
Food of the Day for Year Goal
Day: 146

I just love Emily. Do you want to know why? Emily made Banana Foster French Toast for her family the morning after she drove home to Chicago from Oklahoma with five children and one iPad.

And she described the French toast as divine. Emily, is not a quitter and I love that about her….

I just love Cousin Carla. Do you know want to know why?  Carla convinced her husband and mother to take a road trip from Orlando to Chicago with their two young kids, and she flew the friendly skies (alone) to Chicago a few days later.

Cousin Carla shares her fantastic French toast shortcut.

I’m not sure how it happened or why, but somehow my family decided that breakfast for dinner was not only a valid choice but a totally awesome and favorite choice.  In the early days this meant Mickey Mouse waffles, made one at a time as I stood in the kitchen and watched everyone else eat while I made waffle after waffle.

This is not a huge deal since our family was originally a family of four.  However, after the great divide and then re-marrying and combining his kids and mine our family now is a family of 10.  On birthday dinner nights, when the guest of honor not only picks the dinner but invites however many they want to, we can get up to about 35.  That is a LOT of waffles!

One day I was watching Food TV and swooning over my favorite foodie, Alton Brown and he was making french toast.  I took notes and made the recipe the next time we had breakfast for dinner and it was a big hit.  Now I get to sit and eat with everyone else.  I am not going to write the recipe but I will tell you that you can find it at   It is fantastic!  I suggest using a challah bread.


Cole and I have dinner for breakfast at least once a week. Remember, I’m the blogger that does not cook, but I don’t mind making breakfast—so I trick myself into cooking dinner by making breakfast for dinner. This makes absolutely no sense, but it works…so what does it matter? I’m not one for standing at the stove flipping and tonging (you know, where you use tongs to move thing around), so I am looking forward to trying Alton Brown’s baked French toast—after all, Alton Brown taught me to make bacon and hashed browns in my waffle iron. I know, I will make bananas Foster French Toast in the oven. Is that a win or what?

Share your shortcuts and breakfast favorites…Odd Loves Company!


3 thoughts on “Musing: Fabulous French Toast

  1. I have used Alton Browns recipe for baked French toast and I love it. The best part is it can be done the night before.

    5 Kids! A 12 hour road trip (at least), 1 I-Pad? I hope Santa is very very good to Emily!!

  2. This looks really good! I might have to give it a try for Christmas day.

    I admire Emily but I think Carla has the better idea!

  3. I make the French Toast in our house and this looks like a real good idea. I usually just sop up some egg, milk, and a little sugar and soak old bread in the mixture before I fry it up. I like the idea of doing it the day before and sticking it in the oven.

    Bacon is our weekend breakfast tradition. We have it every Saturday. I also like to make biscuits on the weekend.

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