November 20: Absurdity Day, Peanut Butter Fudge Day

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November 20

End of Summer 'bokeh'

★~ Today’s Quote:  “If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.” ― Albert Einstein

★~ Absurdity Day:

In celebration of Absurd Day, I’m sharing this picture because I think it sums up absurd and I have to admit, it amuses me mightily (I am easily amused).

★~ Peanut Butter Fudge Day:

Peanut butter has been a staple of U.S. families for more than a century. It can be served in a sandwich, mixed with ice cream, combined with chocolate, or as fudge! Peanut butter fudge is a divine treat for anybody who loves peanut butter.

One claim of origin for this dessert dates back to the 1800s when people used the word “fudge” to mean “cheat” or “mess up.” One day, a chef accidentally “fudged” a batch of caramel he was trying to make, inventing fudge as we know and love it today.

Fudge is now made is many heavenly flavors, including the rich peanut butter variety. In celebration of National Peanut Butter Fudge Day, try your hand at making some today or just fudge it  and have a peanut butter sandwich.

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1929 – Leo Reisman and his orchestra recorded Happy Days are Here Again for Victor Records. The classic was recorded just three weeks after the stock market crash plunging the nation into the Great Depression. Timing is everything.

♥~ 1947 – Britain’s future Queen, Princess Elizabeth, married Philip Mountbatten, Duke of Edinburgh, at London’s Westminster Abbey. The world listened on radio.

♥~ 1982 – Actress Drew Barrymore became the first 7-year-old to host Saturday Night Live.

♥~ 1984 – “You deserve a break today…” 35 years and 11 months after the very first McDonald’s hamburger was sold, the 50 billionth burger was made by Edward Rensi, president of McDonald’s

♥~ 2008 – An Australian ‘political’ party, the Sex Party was launched at Sexpo, an annual sex exhibition in Melbourne. The party had already gathered the required 500 members and planned to register with the electoral commission (which approved it in Aug 2009).

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1889 – Edwin Powell Hubble astronomer: pioneer in extragalactic research; died Sep 28, 1953;

♥~ 1947 – Joe Walsh musician: guitar, singer: groups: James Gang; The Eagles: Hotel California, New Kid in Town, In the Fast Lane, Heartache Tonight; solo: Life’s Been Good, A Life of Illusion, All Night Long

♥~ 1956 – Bo Derek (Mary Cathleen Collins) actress: 10, Bolero, A Change of Season, Tarzan, the Ape Man, Ghosts Can’t Do It, Shattered Image; married to producer/director John Derek

★~ Did You Know: 

♥~ NASA named the world’s first space-based optical telescope after American astronomer Edwin P. Hubble (1889—1953). Dr. Hubble confirmed an “expanding” universe, which provided the foundation for the Big Bang theory.

♥~ Launch: April 24, 1990 from space shuttle Discovery

♥~ Hubble Can’t Observe: The Sun or Mercury, which is too close to the Sun

♥~ Hubble transmits about 120 gigabytes of science data every week. That’s equal to about 3,600 feet (1,097 meters) of books on a shelf.

♥~ Hubble’s successor, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), is currently in the works. JWST will study objects from the earliest universe, objects whose light has “redshifted,” or stretched into infrared light.


And one more absurdity…

Ok I am done..

Really. . .

Hope you have an absurdly wonderful Sunday.  If you have a El Morno Moment leave a comment… Odd Loves Company!

14 thoughts on “November 20: Absurdity Day, Peanut Butter Fudge Day

  1. I like chocolate fudge with nuts. Speaking of which…your picture has a design flaw and that is all I am saying. . .

    Have a good one I am off to breakfast with some good buddies.

  2. Was Mike trying to say that the boys need a pocket too because they get cold? I see his point.
    I am not a fan of peanut butter. I know…Odd.

    Have a super Sunday. I think I might do a little baking.

  3. Now that is a gift for the man who has everything. EVERYTHING.
    Love the juggler cartoon.

    Thanks for starting my Sunday off with a giggle.

  4. I showed my husband and he said exactly what I thought he would…Looks good but make mine bigger. Love peanut butter fudge.

    El Morno is the best…have I told you that recently?


  5. My mother made terrific candy and did so frequently–chocolate fudge (always with cocoa instead of the squares and I still prefer that), divinity, penuche, seafoam… but she never made peanut butter fudge.

    Do you think I was a deprived child?

  6. Me too on the divinity..or I like butter pecan from Edwards apple orchard. They have a new flavor every year. So many to choose from so I taste what ever catches my eye that day.
    I have seen these “Peter Warmers” before and in fact, I do think Cynthia’s dad had one given to him as a joke one time!!! I guess if you had that nice warm covering on it you could let it “all hang out”…LOL

    • Oh Carol…you are so amusing.
      I am pretty traditional about fudge. My favorite fudge is my mom’s…which she did not make last year / but as say in Chicago there is always this year and I have high hopes.

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