December 6: St Nicholas Day

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December 6, 2011

★~ Today’s Quote: The art of art, the glory of expression and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity. Walt Whitman

★~ St. Nicholas Day:

We were introduced to St. Nicholas when Cole was in Waldorf’s early childhood program. St. Nick and his silent servant Rupert made a visit to the early childhood and lower grades’ classrooms. He read from his golden book, which recorded the deeds of all the children, and afterwards he left small gifts for the children. St. Nicholas also visits children the night of December 5th and leaves a small treat in their shoe. Of course, I learned this all after Cole’s first encounter with St. Nicholas. I had never heard of this tradition in my whole life, so when my four-year-old came home from school and placed his sneakers outside his room, I was more than a little confused. Cole tried to s’plain to me, “Mom, a guy with a guy who can’t talk came to our school with his mule. But his mule could not come to our room. He wore a big, pointed red hat with a cross on it and carried a big stick. He told me I was kind and I should sing more in circle. We gave the guy who could not talk a carrot for his mule. If I leave my shoes outside my door tonight, they will bring me a present.” I was thoughtful as I looked down on the pint-size sneakers and agreed that the guy with the guy who could not talk would more than likely leave a present in his shoes after he had gone to bed.

Wondering what the hell my kid was talking about, I called my mom (remember, back then most of us did not Google much). Mom had a vague recollection of oranges and nuts, but not shoes. Joe’s recollection was similar to my mom’s; he thought he remembered something about chocolate coins and shoes but then wondered if Cole had confused the guy with Santa and the mule with a reindeer and a shoe with a stocking. I did not think so. My research was time limited, since the guy with the guy with the mule that did not speak was due to arrive that night…so I went to the store and bought a Power Ranger, a few chocolate kisses, and an orange and placed them next to Cole’s sneakers that night.

The next morning, Cole was thrilled, I was relieved, and Joe was still talking about Santa and reindeer. After school I went to see “Teacher,” followed by several other confused parents for the straight scoop, and she shared the St. Nicholas story with us. We asked if we could have preparation time in the future, and she just smiled. When you are a Waldorf parent, you learn to believe in magic and late-night runs to all-night grocery stores. Click here for the whole St. Nick story. Although the sneakers have been outgrown, we still celebrate St. Nicholas Day in our house. It kicks off our Christmas season.

★~ Put On Your Own Shoes Day:

After you leave your shoes out for St. Nick, you have to put them on yourself…so you might want to let your personal shoe putter-onner have the day off! Today’s the day to convince the general public that you are one of them. To help with this, you may want to wear a small tiara and take a Town Car instead of the limo.

★~  Microwave Day:

Before the invention of the microwave oven, popcorn took three hours to make using a coal-powered corn popper that had to be manned by two trained professionals at all times. Okay, that’s not a fact. But here’s one: The first microwave oven, produced in 1947, was called the Radarange, and it was 5.9 feet tall and weighed 750 pounds. And you thought your current model took up too much counter space.

★~ Gazpacho Day:

The coldest soup with the coolest name to say, gazpacho has its roots in ancient Moorish kitchens and has remained popular over the years among European field hands as a refreshing lunch after working in the hot sun. This tomato-based dish has dozens of variations, but perhaps one of the best known is the gazpacho bloody Mary. Add a celery stick and you’ve got a whole salad in a glass!

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1883 –  Ladies’ Home Journal and Practical Housekeeper was published for the first time. It became one of the few magazines to reach a circulation of over one million. Paid circulation is over 3,000,000.

♥~ 1955 – New York psychologist Joyce Brothers won The ,000 Question by answering a boxing question.

♥~ 1960 – Domino’s Pizza was founded by Thomas S. Monaghan. The first Domino’s opened in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

♥~ 1969 – The Rolling Stones staged a rock concert at the Altamount Speedway in Livermore, CA for some 300,000 fans. The Stones hired the Hell’s Angels for security. Fans were beaten and one person, Meredith Hunter, was stamped and stabbed to death by a Hell’s Angel during the show. (The 1970 documentary film Gimme Shelter told the story.)

♥~ 1975 – Paul Simon’s album, Still Crazy After All These Years, was number one in the U.S. It was Simon’s first #1 solo album and it contained his first recording with Art Garfunkel since their 1969 breakup (My Little Town, which was also included on Garfunkel’s Breakaway album).

♥~ 1998 – Astronauts on the U.S. space shuttle Endeavour completed the most difficult task of their 12-day mission, mating modules from Russia and the United States to create the first two building blocks of International Space Station. “We have capture of Zarya,” Commander Robert Cabana announced when the two pieces came together at approximately 9:07 p.m. EST. “Congratulations to the crew of the good ship Endeavour,” replied Mission Control. “That’s terrific.”

★~ Born Today:

♥~ 1953 – Tom Hulce actor: The Heidi Chronicles, Fearless, The Inner Circle, Parenthood, Dominick & Eugene, Amadeus, National Lampoon’s Animal House

♥~ 1955 – Steven Wright stand-up comedian: deadpan, monotone; in film: Desperately Seeking Susan

♥~ 1956 – Peter Buck musician: guitar: group: R.E.M.: Stand, So Central Rain, Seven Chinese Brothers, Radio Free Europe

♥~ 1962 – Janine Turner (Gauntt) actress: Northern Exposure, Behind the Screen, Cliffhanger, Steel Magnolias, Monkey Shines, Knights of the City

♥~ 1967- Judd Apatow, director:  Knocked up.  The 40 Year Old Virgin, Bridesmaids

★~ Did You Know:

♥~ In the village where the original Saint Nicholas was born, children celebrate Christmas by giving gifts to old men with long white beards.

♥~ Children whose families celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas have a 97 percent higher chance of getting socks as a gift.

♥~ The Japanese term for Christmas, Kurisumasu Omedeto, can also be loosely translated as “Morning of the Greedy Children.”

♥~ The dogs barking “Jingle Bells” on the novelty record were not dogs at all, but parrots, which can mimic dogs and are easier to train.

♥~ The first-ever Hanukkah latke recipe featured turnips, rhubarb and kale. These proved so unpopular that many different vegetables were substituted until the current potato version prevailed.

♥~ After the Three Wise Men left, Joseph bartered the gold and frankincense for more practical gifts: a camel-ready infant seat and three hours of babysitting.

♥~ Studies show that neighbors tend to complain about wattage-sucking, multimedia outdoor decorations because they’re *jealous*.

♥~ The tradition of kissing under the mistletoe originated in Germany in the 18th century when a person who was deathly allergic to mistletoe came in contact it and had to be revived by mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

♥~ Absurd as it seems, behavioral scientists claim kids don’t want expensive toys — what they REALLY want is just to be loved.

♥~ Eggnog was created after its predecessors beefnog, hamnog and troutnog failed miserably.

♥~ For nine years following the 1843 publication of “A Christmas Carol,” Ebenezer was the most popular boys’ name in Great Britain.


Must dash and wake up my kid..I do believe St. Nick has arrived…and he might have a few goodies to open before school. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday. Do you have a holiday tradition to share? Odd Loves Company!

12 thoughts on “December 6: St Nicholas Day

  1. St.Nick put an orange and chocolate bar in my shoe every year. Love that guy. Thanks for the memory.

    Have a good one.

  2. Dam! I hate putting on my own shoes but I guess if I must, I must. So therefore I will put my best foot forward and be a good sport. 🙂
    We did not celebrate St.Nick in my family but it sounds like a fun way to start the season.

    Terrific El Morno Tuesday too you!

  3. Good grief, I’m missing out on all those wonderful holiday traditions, and I feel cheated!! When I was a kid, Daddy only got a few days off for Christmas, so we headed south every year to visit the kith and kin. Packing the presents to take with us, opening them beforehand, or opening them afterward — none of these options was desirable. So I’m afraid I wasn’t the beneficiary of much in the way of tradition. Tell Cole how fortunate he is to have such a wise and wonderful mom!!

    • Thanks Debbie we try…Love traditions and these last couple years they have been especially important. Waldorf (Cole’s school) introduced us to a rich festival life but fortunately many of the celebrations took place at the school.

  4. Growing up in Indonesia we don’t really have Santa Clause, we have Sinterklass and his servant black piet (Dutch influence). They were scary!!!! I haven’t spend Christmas home in over 10 years, I hope now they bring the “real” santa with big belly and round rossy cheek and the white beard.. 🙂

  5. I guess my Christmas tradition is making fudge!!!!
    Wendy, I thought the microwave was just darling too.

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