Leo! Bouvier de Flandes! Camp Run A Pups New Pup

This is Leo, our new camp pup. He is very cute.

(Please ignore the wood floor my dearly departed Joe kept putting off refinishing….Do these things really matter?)

Leo told Vickie, our camp helper, that she would have to carry him downstairs because he was much too little, much too cute, and much too scared to do stairs, so she carried him down the stairs. When she told me this story, I had my doubts.  Here is a little video evidence to the contrary.

Hang on—it might take the video a minute to load. If you click on the doohickey next to the volume bar, it will make the video bigger.

Leo’s sister Clover leads the way and at the tail end offers an “Atta puppy!”

Leo thinks he’s a pretty clever puppy.

We think so too! Welcome to camp, little Leo.

20 thoughts on “Leo! Bouvier de Flandes! Camp Run A Pups New Pup

  1. Yep. I admit it. Leo has me under his spell. He’s charming and playful and one look at that face melts my heart.

    I suppose it’s a good thing he only wanted to be carried down the stairs. Can you imagine if he wanted to go on a spur of the moment vacation? We’d surely be on a plane somewhere over the Atlantic right now! Is there such a thing as a “Puppy Love” defense?

    Love the pictures and video!

    • I think you could plead your case and win! It’s hard to resist the spell of adorable. I’m glad you came back the next day and Leo was here when i got home! If he had run off with you…what in the world would I have done?

  2. Oh my goodness what an adorable puppy. I have always thought Bouvier de Flandes are such great dogs. We had a neighbor who owned one and hope someday to have one of my own.

    Happy Holidays

  3. OHHHH, He is so darn cute….Does he still have puppy breath? Love puppy breath. He looks so soft and cuddley..

  4. Katybeth,
    You never cease to amaze. How did you know that was the perfect tune for Leo? The photos and video really capture his cute self!

  5. Hi I have heard so much about you from Debby LuLu Rosie Clover is the sweetest and Leo looks adorable such fun as breeder to get lots of pictures Thank you Judy

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