January 4, 2012: Spaghetti Day, Trivia Day!

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January 4, 2012

★~ Count Down: 361 days remaining until the end of the year

★~ Today’s Quote: I never lose sight of the fact that just being is fun. Katharine Hepburn

★~ Spaghetti Day:

Spaghetti and meatballs: a worldwide favorite! In the year 2000, over 1.3 million pounds of spaghetti were sold in American grocery stores. If all of those packages were lined up, they could circle the Earth nine times!

It was the Chinese who first invented pasta but it was the Italians who revolutionized this well-loved dish. Marco Polo brought the recipe for pasta back to Europe with him after his famous trip to the Middle Kingdom during the 13th century.

So your problem of what to have for dinner is solved. Spaghetti! It’s easy to make, impossible to mess up, and everyone (except El Morno friend Teresa) likes it. In fact, with all the fork turning and slurping it could be called FUN-ghetti! No, I did not make that up. Someone else did and I’m kind of glad….

★~ Trivia Day:

I was going to post all sorts of facts and uselessology but as I began to explore trivia lists, I found it remarkable that there was so much WRONG information. For example, when I read that a duck’s quack does not echo, I was amazed. I wondered why a duck would have been given some special sonic power that would cause its quack not to echo. Well let me be one the first to set the record straight–a duck’s quack echoes. And while I was checking out ducks, I also learned that porcupines float, that it’s possible but unlikely that Loren Green had a nipple bitten off by an alligator, and that while the emu and the kangaroo are unofficially on the Australian coat of arms, it is doubtful that it’s because they can not walk backwards. The San Francisco cable cars are not a national monument, polar bears are not left-handed but ambidextrous, and the AOL guy does not get 2 cents for every “You’ve got mail!” and “Goodbye.”

♥~ 1896 – Utah (45th state) entered the United States of America; capital: Salt Lake City; bird: seagull; flower: sego lily; nickname: Beehive State.

♥~ 1953 – Tufted plastic carpeting was introduced by Barwick Mills. The new carpet was said to be mothproof and stain resistant.

♥~ 1984 – Wayne ‘The Great One’ Gretzky scored eight points for the second time in his National Hockey League career. Edmonton’s Oilers defeated the Minnesota North Stars, 12-8. Gretzky had four goals on his own and four assists.

♥~ 2010 – The Russian government set a minimum price for vodka that more than doubled existing prices in an effort to fight rampant alcoholism.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1785 – Jacob Grimm, born in Hanau, Germany along with his younger brother, Wilhelm, collected more than 200 German folk tales and published Grimm’s Fairy Tales in 1812. The fairy tales included, “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Rumpelstiltskin,” “Snow White,” “Rapunzel,” and “Hansel and Grethel.”

♥~ 1809 – Louis Braille,   Blinded at the age of three by a leather working awl in his father’s saddle-making shop, Braille developed a system of writing that used, ironically, an awl-like stylus to punch marks in paper that could be felt and interpreted by people who are blind. The system was largely ignored until after his death.

♥~ 1838 – General Tom Thumb (Charles Stratton) entertainer: world’s most famous midget

♥~ 1960 – Michael Stipe Grammy Award-winning singer: Out of Time [1991]; group: R.E.M.: Losing My Religion [1991], Radio Free Europe, Talk About the Passion, So Central Rain, [Don’t Go Back to] Rockville, Seven Chinese Brothers

♥~ 1964 Dot Jones, Actress (“Glee”)

★~ Trivia Game: 

1. Which British Politician was given the name Vindaloo in the 1990’s?

2. Which toy was named from the Greek word meaning ‘beautiful shape to see’?

3. What is Sir Alan Sugar’s charter airline called?

4. In which comic would you find Minnie The Minx?

5. What was the best selling album of the 80’s?

6. Which entertainer born in 1929, saw his coffin decorated with four candles at his funeral in 2005?

7. Who played Elliot Ness in the 1987 film The Untouchables?

8. Which car manufacturer has produced models called Bravo And Tempra?

9. What’s the connection between Tom Jomes, Shirley Basey & The Alarm?

10. What element is used in the process of galvanisation?


If you have a Morno moment, add a trivia comment or a trivial comment to El Morno–

Odd Loves Company. Wishing you all a wonderful Wednesday!



Answers: 1. Edwina Currie 2. Kaleidoscope 3. Amsair 4. The Beano 5. Michael Jacksons (Thriller) 6. Ronnie Barker 7. Kevin Costner 8. Fiat 9. Wales 10. Zinc


12 thoughts on “January 4, 2012: Spaghetti Day, Trivia Day!

  1. EL MORNO! Great busy start to the New Year. Love Spaghetti! Awful at trivia–friends would actually groan when we would draw for partners and they ended up with me.

    Have a winsome Wednesday!

  2. Rats, are you sure today’s spaghetti day? I had mine on Monday! So Mr. Grimm was born on this day, huh? Domer just the other day bought the complete collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and is slowing making his way through it. Every so often, he regales me with a synopsis of one particularly gruesome one he’s read — they’re definitely NOT children’s stories, are they?! Happy Wednesday!

    • Kids educated at a Waldorf school are read Grimm from a very early age. Interesting how differently the child mind and the adult mind see the fairy tales. Carl Jung offers whole course on the archetypes of fairy tales.
      I’m counting your spaghetti day! El Morno goes with the flow….

  3. Yes! Love – love spaghetti!!!! I really think my Mom made the best. I love that new NBC show the Grimm, but neverreally know what Grimm really is, my boss have to sit down and explain it all to me. What a productive day that day! 🙂

  4. Prego or Ragu, that is the question. We’re having chicken for dinner tonight with smashed taters!

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