Occupy Happiness in 2012!

Click to enlarge card: Scooby, Rascal, Joey, Bandit, Maggie, Skippy

Happy New Year!


Katybeth ~ Cole~Rascal, Skippy, Scooby

11 thoughts on “Occupy Happiness in 2012!

  1. Your card sums up 2011 very nicely and sets the tone for us to turn on the afterburners in 2012. You make me smile and I am so very glad that you are my Friend…. XO

  2. Happy 2012 to you, Katybeth, and many thanks for providing me with a much-needed laugh or tidbit of information every day! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through El Morno, and I look forward to more of your interesting posts in the coming year!

    • It works~ Ever since Rain put up that sign, she’s been sleeping on the couch at night instead of in her crate!

  3. Love your card! It’s both funny and heartwarming 🙂
    I think I will try to make one with my two dogs, Missy and Blossom!


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