Odd: Lawn Mowers before Snow Plows

Just this morning, . . I remarked: It feels like spring! We’ll hear lawn mowers before snow plows….and sure enough, this afternoon, I heard a lawn mower….

4 thoughts on “Odd: Lawn Mowers before Snow Plows

  1. That does it!! I am moving north for the winter. Our weather has been awful!
    The climate really has gone mad.

    Happy New Year!

  2. yes thanks for this great news…I have already heard from my ex-husband, telling me how it was 55 degrees in Chicago today…I’m so happy for you January-lawn-mowing people. But I have to say, the snow here in NM has almost melted, even on our unplowed road!

  3. That is exactly the scenario here in no snow MinneSNOWTA. I was thinking about some fall clean up job calls we didn’t respond to.

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