SOPA and PIPA Bill Dropped By Congress!

We told Congress…and they listened. WOOOHOOO!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by Odd on Wednesday, January 18th to protest SOPA and PIPA and to find out more. Because we sent e-mails to our senators and representatives, and informed others, we’ve won for now: Congress dropped SOPA and PIPA today.

On January 18th, 13 million of us took the time to tell Congress to protect free speech rights on the Internet. Hundreds of millions—maybe a billion—people all around the world saw what we did on Wednesday. See the amazing numbers here. These numbers were unprecedented. According to Fight for the Future, our activism may have changed the way people fight for the public interest and basic rights forever.

SOPA and PIPA will likely return in some form, so we must stay informed.

One way to stay informed about bills like SOPA and PIPA is to subscribe to Fight for the Future. They are going to ask you for donations from time to time; fighting for anything is expensive, but whether you donate or not, you will still be kept informed. The e-mail updates are free.

Victory is sweet—SOPA Is Dead: Smith Pulls Bill.

Odd Loves Company! So stop by anytime….we will leave the light on!


6 thoughts on “SOPA and PIPA Bill Dropped By Congress!


    They can mess with the taxes or merchandise…


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  3. It’s a shame that politicians think that the public is foolish enough to believe they would accept that this bill was about piracy. It’s not. The piracy won’t stop. It’s like thinking that if the world gun ban went though that all the guns will go away. Those who are going to do illegal activity will still continue to do it.

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