Working from Home: Airing Dirty Laundry

It’s common for people to tell me how lucky I am to work from home. I don’t disagree; I love my home-based business and the flexibility it allows me. However, when they go on to say, “If I worked at home, I would get so much more done,” I dissolve into a giggling fit.

A picture is worth a 1000 words:

When I was growing up, my mother washed the dog blankets, before she washed my jeans–even in January.

Keep in mind there are two of us. Included in the piles are dog-washing towels and blankets that we wash separately from our clothes, not because we worry we will smell like our campers, but because we don’t want to shed when we sit on other people’s furniture.

There are many ways one can organize this task, and many of you, I’m sure, have wonderful suggestions—perhaps one might be on Facebook for less time or only a little bit every day. Thank you for sharing … do you read between lines?

It has been a wonderful howling, tail wagging season at Camp-Run-A-Pup…


P.S. Odd family member–Teresa shared a laundry video. The embedding is turned off but here is the link—Spike Scene. Very amusing.

14 thoughts on “Working from Home: Airing Dirty Laundry

  1. Laundry is never done. Most thankless job on the face of the earth. My kids think putting something away means tossing it in the laundry basket.

    Cole is so tall and good looking!

  2. When asked what I want I want for Mother’s Day I always reply, “I want everyone to go naked for a whole day, no showers, no naps. I just want all of the laundry to truly be done for 24 hours.”

    • Well I was certainly wishing for a laundry ninja to show up today. . .but alas I just sorted and dug in..pride kept me from sending Cole to school in shorts tomorrow.
      Sometimes I feel like Cole is selling my laundry services to the neighbors so naked day would work for me…then I would know for sure!

    • The idea of Naked Day cracks me up! I’d have to stay away from mirrors though! I do love when laundry is caught up! I work with my hubbie, so technically, I don’t work at home, but end up bringing work home too frequently. #familybusiness

  3. Seriously? I see someone who works from home and I wonder how in the world they do it? I KNOW I’d never get anything done. The only thing I’d get is more overwhelmed.

  4. When I worked at a dog kennel, the owner had a room with a washer and dryer that was just for doing the doggy laundry. Do you have just one set? Maybe you should consider getting a used washer and dryer just for the pups things. Just a thought.

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  6. I totally get this, Katybeth! As a fellow “work-from-home” person, I really do. Just you wait until Cole goes off to college and see how much dirty laundry piles up. It’s almost as if universities these days don’t have washing machines and dryers in every dorm, ha!

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