February 12: Palindrome Day, Plum Pudding, Lincoln’s Birthday

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Post Updated: February 12, 2013

★~ Today’s Quote: Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth. Abraham Lincoln

★~ Palindrome Day: 2/12/12

A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of units that can be read the same way in either direction. More examples include: Wassamassaw (South Carolina)/Yreka Bakery (Yreka, California)/Hannah/Kayak/ Pagoda-A dog, a plan, a canal

★~ Plum Pudding Day:

Just to be clear: Plum Pudding  does not have plums, it’s not pudding and it is usually eaten around Christmas. Way, way back in the 17th century they called plums raisins. During the Puritan reign in England, plum pudding was outlawed because it was considered “sinfully rich?”  As far as I am concerned any time of the year is a good time for  celebrating the rich, and sinful so lets dig out a plum pudding recipe and whip up  a batch. In England, it is tradition to gather all the members of the household together to hold onto the wooden spoon and stir the pudding. As they stir together, they each add a wish to the batter.

★~ Today in History:

♥~ 1973 – The State of Ohio went metric, becoming the first in the U.S. to post metric distance signs along Interstate 71. These new signs showed the distance in both miles and kilometers. (what can I say-slow news day…)

♥~ 1994 – Celine Dion’s The Power of Love was the #1 single in the U.S. for four weeks

♥~ 2008 – Speedo introduced its new LZR Racer swimsuit. By June 2008, 38 of 42 world swimming records were broken by swimmers wearing the suit.

★~Born Today:

♥~ 1809 – Abraham Lincoln:  “ “I was born Feb. 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky. My parents were both born in Virginia, of undistinguished families–second families, perhaps I should say. My mother, who died in my tenth year, was of a family of the name of Hanks…. My father … removed from Kentucky to … Indiana, in my eighth year…. It was a wild region, with many bears and other wild animals still in the woods. There I grew up…. Of course when I came of age I did not know much. Still somehow, I could read, write, and cipher … but that was all.”  Known for leading the country through the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. His eloquence is evident in many speeches including his most famous one, the Gettysburg Address. His second inaugural address, which includes the phrase, “With malice toward none; with charity for all…” is inscribed on one wall of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Click for  more about honest Abe

♥~ 1809 – Charles Darwin naturalist: theory of evolution: On the Origin of the Species by Means of Natural Selection, Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life,The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex; died Apr 19, 1882

♥~ 1950 – Steve Hackett songwriter, musician: guitarist: group: Genesis: Invisible Touch, Turn It on Again, Land of Confusion, Hold on My Heart, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight,In Too Deep, That’s All

♥~1955 –  Arsenio Hall Emmy Award-winning TV talk-show host: Emmy Award-winning TV talk-show host:

♥~1980 – Christina Ricci actress: The White Rose, Monster, Anything Else, The Gathering, Pumpkin, The Laramie Project, All Over the Guy, Grey’s Anatomy

★~ Did You Know:

♥~ Lincoln’s stovepipe top hat served as more than fashionable headwear.  He used it to store and carry notes, letters, even bills.  Why do they call it a stovepipe hat?  Well, the rise is so tall and straight with no flair that it resembles a length of pipe.

♥~ Lincoln was 6’4”, making him our country’s tallest president.  That of course raises the question, who was our shortest president?  That would be our 4th president, James Madison, who stood a stately 5’4”, making him an entire foot shorter than Honest Abe

♥~ Despite the fact that the marriage between Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln yielded 4 sons, there are no living heirs.  All four of his sons died before Lincoln was assassinated.

♥~ Lincoln really liked machines and gadgets.  He remains the only president who ever held a patent. It was issued in 1849 for “A Device for Buoying Vessels Over Shoals”.

♥~ There are some pretty bizarre coincidences between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.: Both were shot in the head with one bullet on a Friday. Lincoln was elected to Congress in 1846, Kennedy in 1946. Lincoln’s successor (named Johnson) was born in 1808. Kennedy’s successor (also named Johnson) was born in 1908.

♥~ Lincoln’s favorite foods were lamb shanks, chicken casserole, and scalloped oysters.

♥~ Abraham Lincoln had a dream about his own assassination, which he shared with his main bodyguard Ward Hill Lamon, days before the actual event.


Happy Sunday!  Cole and I went to the Chicago Auto Show  yesterday and had so much FUN! Cole’s eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as we walked into a huge room of shining chrome and steel–motors showing off there horsepower surrounding us.  I  brought address labels to stick on entry blanks (you can’t win if you don’t enter!) and had to laugh when I realized that contests were all entered from an I-pad or your I-phone. My clever sticky address labels were outdated but I really didn’t mind!

More pictures later–but Cole said if I wrapped this up for his 16 birthday—I did not have to give him anything else!

I said…”LOOK!! Over there!!! ICE CREAM!!”





11 thoughts on “February 12: Palindrome Day, Plum Pudding, Lincoln’s Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday honest Abe. Looks like you had good day at the auto show. Ice cream and beautiful cars a great combination.

    Have a good one!

  2. Palindrome Day! Here is another one for you, Don’t nod! Love your facts about Lincoln.

    Today since it Sunday and Palindrome Day, I will ponder: Do geese see God?

    Happy Sunday!

  3. My grandmother made plum pudding but we only had it on the holidays and it included a fair amount of rum. I do remember my sister and I would stir it together and make a wish.

    That car looks fine enough to me!!

  4. Oh, Katybeth, you’ve done it now — taking an almost-16-year-old son to a car show?! Yes, I imagine there were PLENTY of cars he’d love the keys to! What an exciting time in both of your lives!

    • It is exciting and Dawn’s (V down below) dear husband has been e-mailing Cole with suggestions-he is in the car biz. which has been very helpful. I have high hopes we will find something that fits our budget that is both safe and “cool.” And for the record…I now know more about cars than I ever in a million years thought I would but I still think color is very important. 🙂

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