Pop the Cork and Wine a Little

As the mother of Bacchus, the party god, I am delighted to inform you that today is Drink Wine Day! Bacchus’s divine mission is to loosen the tongues of those who partake of wine and other beverages, allowing people the freedom to say and do what they wish…so as you sip your wine, do keep this in mind!

I will see you tomorrow, with bells on my fingers and rings on my toes…but now it’s time for the party god’s mother to partake in a nap!



6 thoughts on “Pop the Cork and Wine a Little

  1. Well, you said you would be here and I never doubted. Great Costume Cole and it looks like your classmates are having fun too.

    Cheers to Cole and Wine!

  2. I raise my glass to you, what a fine job you have done as the mother of Bacchus the party god.
    I love the photos, looks like the esteemed cast all had fun.

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