Car Shopping with my Teen.

We are not quitters

Car Shopping. Cole STILL (after all it has been 2 weeks!!) has not found a car but we are working on it. The Saab that he desperately wanted was kabashed by his grandmother and his grandmother’s dear lifelong friend and godmother to my childhood gerbils. This dear friend’s dear husband has been in the car biz for a really, really long time, and in fact sold my parents my first car (Honeybee B210 Datsun—lets all say “awwwww.”) He pointed out that Saab was out of business. Not much of a car when they were in business and a really bad idea. When I was the bearer of bad news to Cole, he countered with, “But Mom . . . the Saab guy said he sold his own mother a Saab, and he was really nice.” I then asked if he had ever mentioned that the car was no longer being made. Or that parts were expensive and hard to find. Cole said, “No,” and reminded me of how cool the car looked. I said, “Son, I am going to have to pull you back from the curb on this one and go with the advice of a man who looked cool in a leather vest and drove a 280z when I was growing up. The 280z part got his attention.


We visited five dealerships last night. Yes, I know. You can find out much of what you need to know online, but I am still of the mind-set that you have to go out and kick a few tires and meet a few Lennys. I like car salesmen and the motor lender loan that come with them. As we pulled into the Ford dealership, Cole looked at me and said, “NO FIESTA!” I looked puzzled, and he went on to explain that the first car they would want to sell us would be a Fiesta. “Ok,” I said, “NO FIESTA!” We walked through the dealership doors, shook a salesman’s hand, and he said, “Let me show you a Fiesta.” I looked right at him and said “NO FIESTA!” Cole grinned. The salesman looked confused.


One thing Cole is adamant about is that he wants a car with a stick shift. The problem is he can’t drive a stick shift. So at each dealership we went to, he would have to decline the offer of a test drive. One salesman queried, “He wants a stick shift, but he can’t drive a stick shift?” I said, “Yep.” I can drive a stick shift. Learned on my Honeybee Datsun B210 (let’s all say “awwwww”). My sweet mother taught me, and she must have done a good job because this past summer we drove all over Ireland in a little car with a manual transmission, and after a few jarring stops and starts, it all came back to me. In any case, I called my  brother-in-law and asked if he would take Cole out in his Mercedes and let him practice driving a stick shift. I love family.

Our trips to the dealerships were fun, even if we didn’t buy a car. Cole learned that most car salesmen are nice, and most salesmen would sell the car they are showing us to their moms or put their own teens in it. He also learned to stop apologizing for wanting a cool car with a manual transmission in his price range. I learned  to step back and let him “talk cars” and kick a few tires.  I also learned that a Chevrolet 1968 Yenko is a really fast, cool, car. and you probably wouldn’t sell your mother this car. I also learned we call this kind of car, “Sweet.” Tell me does this car look even a little bit sweet to you?

I liked this car.Red Volkswagen rabbit, 2007, 32,000 miles, two year warrantee. In our price range.

Cole does not think it will have enough pep. Only has 150 horsepower. This from a kid who can’t even drive a stick shift yet.

Cole will find the perfect car, and while he is driving mine to and from school each day and all day Saturday and Sunday, I am getting a lot accomplished at home. Today I am sorting out my jewelry box and washing my make-up brushes.

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  2. My son inherited a car in rather round about way. It worked for a time. He drives a Audi now and likes it. Maintenance can be high but it runs well most of the time. I drive my truck and will until I can’t eek another mile out of her. Cole will find a car and driving stick is not big deal. He will pick it up fast.
    Speaking of cars time for me to hit the road.

  3. Very funny! Love the fact that Cole turns down test drives because he can not drive a stick shift. 😀 Hang in there you will get your van back sooner or later.

  4. Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and looking until you find it. I do give you points towards a mother of the year award tho! You understand Cole’s desire to find just the right car AND you are willing to give up your car until he finds it. (shaking my head but smiling)
    Keep us posted!

    • Thanks Lisa! I will let you know in the meantime my house the wash is done, and the dish washer is empty,the baseboards are clean, the switch plates are wiped down…well you get the idea!

      Thanks for stopping by Odd!

  5. I learned to drive on my dad’s VW Beetle, stick shift and all! I can understand Cole’s desire to have a car with a stick shift (they really make driving FUN and they force you as the driver to be very alert!). Keep plugging away, you’ll find something you both can agree on in your price range — it just might take a while. And in the meantime, who knows how much cleaning and sorting you can get done around the house?! Haha!

    • My house has never been cleaner or my fridge fuller. I have to make sure I am not stranded at home without anything tasty! I would love to have the new VW Beetle-I have always loved that the bug! Cole is going to practice on my BIL car this weekend so hopefully by Monday he can test drive something!

  6. Before I forget… “Awwwwwwww!!”
    🙂 I’m sure you had a very interesting afternoon! I hope Cole fine his perfect car soon! 🙂

  7. Hope Cole finds the perfect car soon..
    I remember the Honey Bees…they were great cars..they all had stick shifts and ran forever..

    • Thank you! I am sure he will…or I will insist he find one-“or I will”- because I’m tired of being left without a car. I loved my Honey Bee. That car did run forever and took such good care of me!

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