Kiss Me I’m Irish ~ Bailey & Rascal

Kiss Me I’m Irish

Kiss Me I’m Irish, Too

Shot of Whiskey For My Friend!

Well, at least she did not bite me.

Bailey? Are you still there?

10 thoughts on “Kiss Me I’m Irish ~ Bailey & Rascal

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  2. Adorable. Both of them. Rascal has to be the most cooperative pup ever born.

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

  3. Why stop with a whiskey? Can she balance a Guinness on her head? Rascal and Bailey could put together a whole routine. Bailey could play the straight pup.
    Wish I could kiss both their noses! So cute!

  4. I think you can really get rascal to do just about anything! Are you doing a crucifixion or hopping right over to Easter?

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