March 16th: COOL IT CHICAGO!

It’s March 16th. I live in Chicago, and I am already running my air conditioner for short bursts.

This is wrong. WRONG. Forget about the polar bears—let’s talk about ME!

I don’t like hot weather; I cannot breathe. I am grateful that Chicago did not have a brutal winter like some years,

but this past year was so mild that the arrival of spring is being greeted with, “Ya, another effen beautiful day in Chicago” instead of the relief and joy it is greeted with most years by a city of people worn weary by a hard winter. I don’t like it one bit. I want our winters back. Oh, I can hear you saying, “Be careful what you wish for,” but Chicagoans cannot be denied their right to whine, complain, and stomp their snow boots about winter. Whining about summers is the job of those that live in unbearably hot climates: Floridians, Georgians, and Texans. I am putting my Keen sandal down and insisting that our summer be mild and our winter returned and revitalized for next year.

In case you were wondering about my transportation adventure yesterday, it went remarkably well and was fun. It was been a long time since I have taken a long Chicago bus ride. The bus driver was crabby and impatient as I tried to talk the scanner into reading Cole’s bus pass. (He generously offered it to me when I dropped my car off to him.) Finally the driver just dismissed me with a flick of his hand. This did not bother me though, because Chicago bus drivers are not known for their warm and fuzzy greetings. At least he did not threaten to bounce my ass off the bus like he did to the orange-haired kid behind me. I found my seat quickly and was very good for the entire ride. I did not eat, drink, blare, or poke my fellow passengers, and I paid attention just like the sign instructed me to do. The bus was running behind and the driver was making up for lost time. As we flew down Chicago streets, I was impressed by how fit Chicago’s old people were as they raced for the bus carrying large tote bags, making it in the nick of time. I swear, I have SAVE ME written on my forehead. I always seem to attract the attention of the Bible thumpers. The lady across from me reading her Bible would look straight at me, stare a moment, and then mumble scripture. I tried to ignore her but it was hard. Finally I just made the sign of the cross. She seemed reassured. Cole texted me at lunch to make sure I made it home. The nerve of that kid! I was riding the bus and catching trains while he was still sweeping the rainbow bridge.

We are going to car shop today!

What’s up with you? Odd Loves Company!


This is embarrassing! January 6,2012 -My neighbor has his lawn mower out. Sure he was picking up steamer remnants from New Year’s Eve but still most January’s that would not be a priority!

7 thoughts on “March 16th: COOL IT CHICAGO!

  1. I find it very Odd that you are ranting because of beautiful weather. BUT I think you are saying that every season should have it’s turn under the sun! And I agree if its turn does not include 20 below days for days on end.


  2. Katybeth, I know just what you mean! While I hate lots of ice and snow, winter is supposed to be cold. We’ve got the heat thing going on outside and ceiling fans spinning inside. This is plain wrong for Illinois, even downstate!

    • I know! Who do we talk to? March! Occupy! We will not be denied our God given right to winter! My pups are seeking out the cool of the tile when they should be in search of a sun spot!

  3. I kinda know what you mean – we have not had ANY winter here in Cali. This weekend is supposed to be our big rain storm. Crossing my fingers! Good luck with the car shopping! 🙂

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