Oreo Jenga! Contest!

I had an idea. It happens.

It is Oreo’s 100 birthday!

It is the eve of Cole’s 16 birthday!

I have one fresh unopened bag of oreo cookies.

I have one fresh almost 16 year old boy.

One fresh unopened bag of oreo cookies + one fresh almost 16 year old = a stacking challenge.

How high can Cole stack a 15.5 oz bag of Classic Oreo Cookies?

Odd will award a prize for the right answer. Tomorrow morning on El Morno.

Yes, I know it is late notice. Brilliance is sometime like that…comes and goes in a fleeting moment.

Make your guess!

This is the package of Oreo Cookies! Unopened. For now….



18 thoughts on “Oreo Jenga! Contest!

  1. Here is a recap of the taken numbers if it helps anyone

    Debbie 16
    Teresa 18
    Erica 22
    Stan 24
    Stevie 27
    Cynthia 28
    Joanne 30
    Emily 32
    Rachel 33
    Julianne 35
    Diane 36
    Carla 39

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