Spring! Time for My Favorite Waldorf Song!

Spring! Time for My Favorite Waldorf Song!

“Spring is Coming” is a favorite of both the children and parents at the Chicago Waldorf School, and you can hear it hummed and sung throughout the school as we move into the spring season. Cole is a sophomore at the Chicago Waldorf High School now, but last week as we were driving home from school he began to whistle, “Spring is Coming.”  His early childhood Waldorf roots run very deep.

Rascal is planning her garden

Cletus says, It’s not Lake Michigan but it will do…..

Rascal says, Cletus you said it wasn’t COLD!

LeBron Says, See ya next time!

The gang gathers:

Rascal says: Time for my nap!

The end!

A delightful read for the young and young at heart: Root Children

9 thoughts on “Spring! Time for My Favorite Waldorf Song!

  1. Lovely song and your campers are so cute! What kind of gentle giant is in the kiddie pool. He is adorable! Love the Lab looking back and of-course Rascal shines no matter what she is doing.

  2. Saw the first flight of humingbirds this weekend. So happy to see it. I love spring and summer. Oh Katybeth, Mom loved the two cards from Chicago. Thanks again for being there for me and my Mom as we celebrate her 80th birthday. Count as of Saturday was 119 cards. 8)

  3. What darling campers and loved ones!! Today even feels like Spring — yeah, the shorter and lighter winter is, the better (except for the bugs — I expect them to be plentiful!)

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