Dollar Shave Club: It’s Not Your Father’s Razor

Cole finally received his shaver from the Dollar Shave Club? I say finally not because it took a very long time but because, like dumb little kids in the old days, he actually had to wait a few days for it to appear in the mail box. Amazon and Netflix have ruined a whole generation of kids who believe that when they order something, it appears in the mail box the next day, at the lastest.

Like millions of others, we were drawn into the sensational marketing of the Dollar Shave Club and their razors for the best safety. Cole felt his twice a month shave needed a Dollar Shave Club membership. Fine. Every boy needs his own razor. (He was using the one he had given Joe about ten years ago. Cole is not a particularly sentimental kid, especially when the gleam of new improved razor beacons.) Anyway, we ordered the razor, and Cole waited, asking each day for about a week if it had arrived. And then the big day came. I have to admit, it is very handsome and has very sharp blades. I was a little bit worried about those four sharp blades, since I was pretty sure Cole had never changed the blades in Joe’s old razor. They worked just fine on his four whiskers. When Cole told me his new razor made his face feel like butter, I could not resist saying–“The Dollar Shaver is not your fathers razor.” Naturally he was puzzled and some of you will be too, but not all of you, I hope (Hint: Oldsmobile).

(Click to enlarge the video-it’s worth it )

Cole also has some of the finest shaving cream in the whole world, made by Nancy Boy.

If you have not bought this shaving cream for a man in your life, you simple must. They will love it!

Cole’s new razor does a great job. My legs feel like butter!  Of course, I used it! I had to make sure it was not going to cut my baby’s face! I’m not telling him this of course. I could hear Joe cussing with each swipe I took of my leg. When I did under my arms, I stuck my tongue out. Joe knows he should have stuck around to warn his boy about how women will use his razor and shaving cream, and steal his t-shirts and socks. Ahh, but Joe, I was worth it, right! Right??

If you want to join the Dollar Shave Club, I would appreciate it if you used my link, when you become a member, they credit my account with a free month and then give you a link to pass along.  Yep, I am hawking Dollar Shave Club memberships on the side now–who would have thought it would come to this……

Muse with me….Odd Loves Company!

P.S:  The Nancy Boy link is not an affiliate link — I’m just sharing  a great product.

4 thoughts on “Dollar Shave Club: It’s Not Your Father’s Razor

  1. LOL this is so funny. I will have to check it out for the men in my life…and yes KB I will use your link!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. Seems like El Morno is going to be a little tardy. I like my razor but will check this out. Looks like a pretty good deal. Best part about being a man on your own is not having to keep a watchful eye on your razor and socks!
    Golfing. Hope to catch El Morno later.

  3. I just may buy this for my boyo. He looks like John the Baptist lately. Well may Johnny Depp and I would prefer a fabulous go-t but not the full beard. I better hurry so I can put it in his Easter Basket.

  4. Ah, Katybeth, this is too funny! Domer prefers an electric razor for his few whiskers — he’s trying to be especially careful NOT to cut himself and make any more facial problems. The acne was traumatic enough. Anyway, if he ever decides to change over, I’ll be glad to use your link!

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