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I’m back! Did you miss me? Here is the recipe for the Resurrection rolls, plus the Facebook El Morno conversation I promised you earlier today. This year Cole was invited to go on a road trip over Easter, and I agreed that sounded like a fun idea. However, before Cole would agree to go, he made sure the Easter Bunny would still hide his Easter basket (this is some sort of strange Mid-western custom—we hide eggs in my neck of the woods) and have an Easter egg hunt. (When Cole was smaller, I insisted we combine both customs. What was I thinking?) I promised him the Easter Bunny would do both. (HA! After-Easter sales, here I come—hippity hop!)

We will dye our Easter eggs and Rascal on Good Friday.

I will try and make THE EASTER BUNNY cake in under five tries on Saturday; I’m going for a new personal best. I might save the Resurrection rolls for next week.

What are your Easter traditions? Odd Loves Company! 

Facebook El Morno Conversation:

Teresa: Are you Catholic?

Katybeth: Yes, WHy?

Teresa: There’s a roll you can make. Pillsbury crescent rolls, wrap them around a marshmallow, bake and when you open them, the marshmallow is gone. The marshmallow has risen like Jesus Christ. Whilst baking, you read a Psalm to your children (I forget the exact one-Easter one) and it symbolizes Jesus rise from the dead. Ta and Da!

Katybeth: WOW!! I will try that! So cool!!

Teresa: I thought so TOO!! 😀

Katybeth: The marshmallow represents Jesus….I think he would be so pleased.

Teresa: Found it on Pinterest. 🙂

Katybeth: Don’t you wonder who came up with an idea like this? I mean first you have to imagine Jesus as a marshmallow.

Teresa: Jesus. Who wouldn’t want to be represented by a marshmallow.

Katybeth: Exactly. Who wouldn’t be flattered by being represented by a Marshmallow   And the roll is nice and sweet!  Brilliant!  Sherri did you see this….Sherri loves these things.

Teresa:  I also pinned hot cross buns. But they have raisins in them. I wasn’t impressed. The marshmallow caught my fancy.

Katybeth: Yuck Raisins! I wish I had one of those crescent rolls!

Teresa: Me too! Let’s run out to the store. No. Send Cole! It’s the big marshmallows. No mini’s.. I think I’m going to make them too. That is just too fun. I’m intrigued. I’ll find the Bible verse too. We’ll do the whole shebang.

Katybeth: The big marshmallow???  I would have guessed the little ones. I’m  glad you told me.

Teresa: No not the mini ones. One big one per roll. Jesus was big.l BIG. 🙂

Katybeth: I don’t need the verse. I will just say something appropriate. Like this marshmallow is for you Jesus.

Teresa:  Oh no. YOU need the verse. It’s tradition. Just like when you read the Night Before Christmas.. Oh that was lame…

Katybeth: Lame? Really? You don’t like Jesus this marshmallow is for you?

Teresa: “this marshmallow is for you..” Really? Honestly?

Katybeth: Jesus this marshmallow art for you?

Teresa: LOL!

Katybeth: Oh heavenly father, this marshmallow art in thine name? I’m trying.

Teresa: I’m dyin..l I’m going to look for the verse and recipe,

Katybeth: Well if we go to directly to hell it’s your fault. I know lets blue Nancy she will know.

Teresa:  It’s on my Spring Has Sprung board. I’ll find it in no time..

Steve: You’ll are silly.

Nancy:  What would I know? And I doubt it.

Katybeth: We need a bible verse

Teresa: John 19. Resurrection Rolls!

Katybeth  How does it go? My bible is not handy.


Katybeth: I found this recipe that includes the part about the bible verse . But I’m still not sure what part of the verse it is. …..If I had know this would have come up I would have paid more attention in catechism class.

Teresa: John is a talker. It’s a long story.

Katybeth: Are there some spark notes?

Teresa: Sometimes, you need a good marshmallow to make your point..

Nancy: John 11:25  “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.  Is  that was the verse?

Katybeth: Not sure Nancy but it short . You can say it before you eat the roll.


Katybeth: Sorry! Did not mean to get a rise out of you

Teresa: But pay attention to the rolls while you tell the story!  Do not burn. 🙂

Nancy:  The Bread of LIfe! Perfect!!

Katybeth:  We are on a roll…. hehehehehehe

Sherri: I’m one up on ya..been doing this one for many years! (The link to Sherri recipe is at the top of the post)

Sherri:  I also make chocolate crosses…. 😉

Katybeth: The story is rather gruesome. I like the rising part.

Sherri:  But we have to be reminded of the gruesome to appreciate the rising part.

Katybeth: I guess..

Teresa: Hi Sheri. So the melted butter, sugar and cinnamon is t the spices used to anoint Jesus’ body before his burial. The crescent roll is his tomb? Sounds tasty. I’m sleepy.Going to bed. Good night, Katybeth! ♥

Katybeth: Good night, Teresa girl, Good Night, Nancy Leahy Girl, Good Night Sheri girl, and Stevie girl, Steve boy and William boy and to all the rest of you on  Facebook Mountain. ♥

Steve: Girls If I dream of a hugh marshmallow Jesus tonight. I am blaming you

Teresa: Good Night Steve.

Katybeth: Good Night Steve.



9 thoughts on “Resurrection Rolls Facebook

  1. What fun! I am going to have to try this with my kids. You have such a fun Facebook group! Love the back and forth.

  2. Going out to look for big marshmallows, smiling all the way. You guys make me smile every single day .
    By the by, I love, love, love your new look!!

  3. BTW – it’s not just a Catholic thing – Easter is a Christian celebration, so even Methodists like me can make these! Just razzing you – we used to make these at our church in El Paso for the kids on Easter Sunday. It’s a good learning moment, followed up with a snack. How can you lose?

    • Well….I’m not sure it’s Kosher for a Methodist to make Resurrection Buns but I will have to trust you since as you can tell up above my approach to religion is rather impromptu. Were they good??

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